Aleida Núñez, the actress paralyzes everything from the pool

Spectacular! This is how the beautiful Aleida Núñez shone from the pool for social networks, since she decided that the best view would be herself. The histrión really paralyzed social networks to once again observe tremendous beauty.

Aleida Nunez She still enjoys Holy Week and Easter and made it more than clear in the brief recording that she herself made on a pool day, because this spectacular woman did not notice beauty.

The also singer shared a short video that she recorded as a close up paying special attention to her charms for her followers and the publication was a resounding success.

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In the images, Aleida Núñez can be seen lying down with a really small two-piece swimsuit, which allows the audience to see her well-defined abdomen and prominent charms that try to be controlled by the flirty pink outfit and decorated with a thin necklace. .



Aleida Núñez, the actress paralyzes everything from the pool. Photo: Instagram.

The stunning artist complemented her beach outfit with very natural makeup, huge sunglasses and her completely relaxed hair in the wind, looking really beautiful.

The Televisa star shared the photo on April 16 and has exceeded 305,000 views on her official Instagram account, where it was more than clear that such beauty does not occupy a presentation, since Aleida Nunez She did not comment on any description in the images, while her followers filled her with all kinds of comments and compliments.

Núñez is one of the darlings of social networks and also of the small screen, where she is currently part of the cast of the telenovela Corazón Guerrero. This beauty has been in controversy in recent days, as it is claimed that she left a staging on bad terms.

Rumors assure that Aleida Núñez would have fought with the also actress and singer Ivonne Montero, with whom it was already known that she did not get along very well; however, they point out that this would have cost her to leave the play Amor de tres.

Despite the rumours, the actress has released a statement to rule out that the reasons for her departure from musical history would have been those indicated, revealing that in reality the cause would have been her incorporation into the Televisa melodrama Corazón Guerrero. Currently, Aleida has been quite busy in terms of projects in her professional career, plans that of course include her social networks and her exclusive content page.

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