Erika Buenfil congratulated Luis Miguel with an unpublished photograph where they appear together

(Photo: @erikabuenfil50, @lmxlm/Instagram)
(Photo: @erikabuenfil50, @lmxlm/Instagram)

Last April 19, Luis Miguel celebrated his 52nd birthday away from your social networkshowever, became a trend of Twitter because users took advantage of the space to congratulate him and remember some of his most recognized interpretations. As expected, some figures in the media did the same, such was the case of Erika Buenfil, who celebrated the Sun with an unpublished photograph.

After impressing his fans with his radical transformation to drag-queenthe protagonist of True loves caused a stir on his Instagram account for his simple dedication in honor of who was your sentimental partner during your youth: “Happy birthday”, he wrote next to a photograph that he took from his memory trunk.

In the image you can see the artists sitting and very happy while enjoying a show. Erika Buenfil wore her spectacular smile while holding the Puerto Rican’s arm. On his part, Luis Miguel was captured when he tried to pay attention to the show, looking towards the horizon, while the Mexican actress was pampering him.

Erika Buenfil's post reached 39 thousand "I like it".  (Capture: @erikabuenfil50/Instagram)
Erika Buenfil’s post reached 39 thousand “likes”. (Capture: @erikabuenfil50/Instagram)

The publication of Queen of TikTok was soon filled with congratulations for the interpreter of The girl in the blue bikini. Among the messages, some recalled the torrid romance that the artists experienced in the early 2000s and mentioned that the smiles that were captured on the postcard are a reflection of what their relationship was like.

That little girl, mark presence. Like someone who says: ‘I was there and I had a blast’“, “Happy Birthday. long life to him King“, “The Sun of Mexico and the soap opera queen”, “How beautiful together”, “Those smiles said it all”, “What a great adventure you spent with him, unforgettable moments”, were some reactions.

The drama actress did not respond to comments. However, on different occasions she has opened her heart to share some details of her sentimental relationship with Luis Miguel, especially, she has confessed how the interpreter was, his attention and the aura that she gave off in that then.

Although the singer stayed away from Instagram and Twitter, he did post a video on his TikTok account.  (Screenshot: @lmxlm/TikTok)
Although the singer stayed away from Instagram and Twitter, he did post a video on his TikTok account. (Screenshot: @lmxlm/TikTok)

Erika Buenfil attended the program as a special guest Divine Netwhere she was questioned about her romance with the Sun. Somewhat flushed by the situation, the protagonist of Marisol hinted that she was deeply in love with the Puerto Rican interpreter remembering that he used to be very romantic with details and there was always respect between the two.

“He is a gentleman in every sense of the word. He is a perfectionist, very much, but he does carry a perfect continuity in part of the courtship, if the word is said that way, of the conquest. All the time it seems that you are in a video clip, it just can’t be. The perfect lighting, the perfect welcome and Prince Charming in the background. He does everything very well, that part of the courtship of the conquest, ”he said.

On that occasion, the interpreter confessed that a characteristic that she liked a lot about Luis Miguel was the surprise factor because she constantly used to impact her with some detail related to the talks they had had and this meant that she paid attention to everything they talked about.

So far it is unknown if any of his three children congratulated him.  (Photo: EFE/Leonardo Muñoz/File)
So far it is unknown if any of his three children congratulated him. (Photo: EFE/Leonardo Muñoz/File)

“The element of surprise is that all the time he is listening to what you say to surprise you. What you talk about, what you listen to, your favorite music. I remember that I went to Acapulco, I went to one of their houses and they told me that the man was already coming for me. Under a ladder, I thought someone was coming with him, and I see him in a white car ornate in a white shirt, ”he added.

Erika Buenfil said that she met the interpreter of The unconditional during one of the concerts he offered in Monterrey. The actress was in the company of her mother and she had decided to attend because “I didn’t want to stay without seeing Luis Miguel” and, while the singer gave his show, he would have been shocked by the beauty of the Mexican.


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