“How bare”: they showed that Paulina Rubio ignored Alejandra Guzmán during the concert of the ‘Perrísimas Tour’

The singers apparently no longer had problems Photos: INstagram@paulinarubio // Getty Images

Despite the rumors that have haunted them for years regarding an apparent rivalry, Paulina Rubio and Alejandra Guzmán started their tour on April 15 Very Dogs Tour. yesHowever, although the successes of both interpreters did not stop resounding, The criticisms did not stop raining down on them.

And it is that the alleged fight between the two singers would have started in the early nineties, when the golden girl Y Queen of hearts they disputed the affection of Erik Rubín. As has been said over the years, the now husband of Andrea Legarreta left his courtship with Paulina Rubio and started another with Alejandra Guzmán, but later Silvia Pinal’s daughter would realize that the former Timbiriche cheated on her with the singer from Cause and effect.

However, after the announcement of their joint tour, Alejandra Guzmán had broken her silence and assured that the two artists were in good condition and willing to have the best time in the scenarios they would visit.

Alejandra Guzmán has solo concerts in Mexico City (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)
Alejandra Guzmán has solo concerts in Mexico City (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

“To Paulina I love her since we are neighborssince we’ve known each other since we were little, and we have many things in common, then, why not sing to life, to men, to infidelity? Because, in the end, it was a trick that made those two songs, Own Y Hey Gueraand that’s why that rivalry started,” said the Queen of Hearts during a conference prior to the start of the presentations.

But now that the concerts began, a new controversy broke out again, as social network users viralized a moment where apparently Paulina Rubio ignored Alejandra Guzman in full live performance.

Paulina will release a solo album in 2022 (AP Photo/Marta Lavandier, file)
Paulina will release a solo album in 2022 (AP Photo/Marta Lavandier, file)

In the audiovisual shared in TikTok The moment is observed when the interpreters are saying goodbye to the public and Alejandra Guzmán approaches Paulina, who is turning her back on her and says: “Tell him, tell him.”

But the golden girl she says nothing and continues to the other end of the stage without paying attention to her partner. Seconds later, the interpreter of I was waiting for you or Eternally Beautiful He made another attempt and flattered Paulina by saying: “how beautiful you sing”, but once again received no response.

they criticized the new tour of the singers

The reactions were immediate and several Internet users delved that both artists had very little chemistry between them.

“No m * men when Alejandra goes and approaches Paulina, she quickly leaves the place and turns her back on her at all times, that Paulina is bare”, “What horror if they can’t stand why make a fool of themselves”, “The truth is that Guzmán should not have stopped the sinking Paulina, that had already hit rock bottom”, are some of the mentions that abounded on social networks.

The great beginning of the tour between the golden girl Y Queen of hearts started with the expected success; all the tickets were sold and their attendees were pleased with a musical repertoire that left no expectations to the audience. imagination since the biggest hits of both were included in the list of songs.

And although the bad taste in the mouth that some of the detractors felt will be difficult to forget, so far neither of the two singers has said anything about it.


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