“It was like a horror movie”: she denounced her neighbor because he attacked her with a samurai sword

A man attacked his neighbors with a Samurai sword in the United Kingdom

A woman experienced moments of real terror when one of her neighbors, in the midst of a violent attack, drew a samurai sword and threatened her and other people in the neighborhood. “It was something like something out of a horror movie,” Jennifer Robinson told The Sun.

The woman recounted how her attacker, Dean Brown 42, chased her, her ex-partner Lance Buchanan and another man who was with them in the middle of a fight exacerbated by drunkenness in October last year.

Robinson, 36, reacted to a new video that is known about the case in which Brown is seen clearly altered aggressively waving a long sword with which violently beat his victims and throwing them to the ground

Jennifer, who was knocked unconscious by the incident, he later described the ordeal as something you “would see in a horror movie” and says he thought he would die.

“I never thought I would face someone capable of such utter depravity or commit such an evil and heinous act. I have flashbacks of the guns waving in the air, the sound of them hitting Lance’s helmet over and over again.” says the woman.

Jennifer was left with a broken nose and needed staples to her head after the fight that apparently started when Brown confronted her about an incident involving her sonsaccording to statements delivered before the judicial court in which the case is being studied.

Describing the attack in her statement, the mother of three said she was preparing Sunday dinner when her attacker’s partner, Jodie Brown24, started knocking on the door drunk screaming about something shoes.

When Jennifer was unable to comply with Jodie Brown’s request, Brown began throwing punches at Jennifer.

A neighbor tried to intervene, prompting Dean to arrive armed with the sword.

Jennifer then called the police and her ex-partner Lance, who arrived an hour later on his motorcycle, Somerset Live reports.

Dean went after him, throwing a barrage of punches and forcing him down and trying to protect himself in a fetal position after he removed his helmet.

The defendant also attacked Jennifer, pushing her against a wall and knocking her unconscious with one of his weapons.

“I didn’t know what she was talking about, but I kept apologizing because she and her partner were really drunk and very scary.” Jennifer said.

Dean Brown attacking Lance Buchanan when he came to help Jennifer
Dean Brown attacking Lance Buchanan when he came to help Jennifer

“When we couldn’t find her daughter’s missing shoes, she started screaming and hitting me and then Dean came out with a sword, I was terrified. I thought they were going to kill Lance, then I felt a knock and heard a doorbell sound.”continued the woman

“It was the strangest sensation, a very high-pitched buzzing, as if I had gone deaf and everything was spinning. It was as if I had been put in a swivel chair in slow motion.” he added.

Later, Lance told her that the last thing he remembered before the emergency services arrived was seeing his ex-girlfriend lying on the side of the road and yelling at Brown. “You fucking killed her.”

Jennifer received a haircut ten centimeters hit him in the head with the sword, and Lance sustained serious injuries to his hands, legs, and head.

Dean was jailed for 25 months earlier this month after declaring guilty of grievous bodily harm, criminal mischief, and threatening with a sword.

jodie brown follows fugitive after failing to appear for sentencing.

He also pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm.


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