Juliancito Bravo: What is the naughtiest kid in the Cine de Oro currently doing?

Juliancito Bravo He was one of the most beloved child actors of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, however, many of his followers do not know what happened to the naughtiest kid on the big screenso this time we will make a brief tour of his successful career and we will tell you whatWhat did he do after shining in the movies and how he looks today.

The exact date and place of birth of Juliancito Bravo are unknown, however, it is known that was born in Spain sometime in the year 1956 and although there is no information about his parents and how he had his first contact with the cinema, what is certain is that arrived in Mexico in 1963was around six years old and immediately began to participate in movies, being “Cri-Cri, the singing cricket” the first film in which he would waste his talent and it would open the doors of success wide for him.

Juliancito Bravo was one of the most talented children in Mexican cinema. Photo: Special

Juliancito Bravo’s first leading role was “I will follow your footsteps” (1966)and in said film he would display all his talent since he played an extremely complex role in which he had toIn addition to doing his classic pranks, he was also able to perform scenes full of dramaso he proved to be an actor of high lineage.

In 1969, Juliancito made another of the films that marked his career, “The Great Adventure”with which he grew up for more than a generation, in said production he shared credits with the Spanish actor Boy of the Archanother of the great children’s figures of the moment and the history of said film is precisely an adventure of this pair of rogues who get lost in Mexican territory and it is from said film that Juliancito began to be known as “The Mexican Tom Sawyer”.

“The Great Adventure” was a film that marked an entire era. Photo: Special

Juliancito Bravo He remained for several years at the top of consolidated stardom as one of the most recognized child actors in the film industry, among his most remembered films are “The First Communion”, “The Unforgettable Teacher” and “The Adventures of Juliancito”which were a complete success and continue to be broadcast.

For the 1970s, the figure of Juliancito was overshadowed by other emerging child figures, In addition, she lost her cute image with the arrival of adolescence, however, she found a way to adapt and for several years she continued to participate in other films such as “Cradle of brave”, “The one-eyed anguish”, “Street Dog” and “The difficult life of an easy woman”among other.

Juliancito shone in the cinema along with other great figures. Photo: Special

Although Juliancito’s presence in the cinema drastically decreased During the 1980s, at the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s, he reappeared to participate in different telenovelas such as “Carousel”, “I live for Elena”, “A Christmas Carol” and “Salomé” the latter being the production that marked his retirement since then he has not reappeared in the frame.

As for his personal life, it is known that Juliancito married and had three childrenof whom very little is known, and regarding his current occupation, he himself pointed out during an interview that develops within the business environment, However, he did not specify what his businesses are and about his career, the actor has indicated that he remembers his years as a movie star with great affection, but he’s not sorry he retired Well, he considers that the path of acting is extremely complicated and demanding, so he prefers to focus on his family.

This is what Juliancito looks like today, he must be around 64 years old. Photo: Special


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