‘Our flag means death’, the HBO Max success you need to see

In some chapters, Our flag means death by Taika Waititi and Rhys Darby for HBO Max bears a certain resemblance to Don Quixote. Of course, it is not the way to define a series of pirates on the high seas in search of action and romance. But it is to understand the charming sense of the absurdity of the premise. When Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby) decides to overcome the placid tedium of his life as a bourgeois by becoming a pirate, his life is turned into mocking chaos.

The plot exploits the idea of ​​unrealizable and idyllic aspiration to create a mischievous story. One that is full of bizarre plot twists and poignant intelligence. Our flag means deaththe big surprise in the HBO Max catalog, has become an immediate success. But at the same time, in a lucky experiment that showed that the subversive irreverence of unclassifiable humor is still an attractive point on television.

Our flag means death it is also a journey of self-discovery that uses the codes of action, adventure cinema and a classic sense of fun to sustain itself. The result is an amazing story, in which Waititi and Darby himself have deployed all their plot resources to dazzle.

Our flag means death finds in its most absurd and strange moments a journey through the spiritual. A collection of symbols that transform the plot into something more than a joke. In fact, one of the high points of the show is that despite not taking herself seriously, she does take the topics she touches seriously. Emotional pain, the search for the ideal, Queer representation and even the conviction about identity, have a prominent place in the series.

That, even though the story has the same wacky air of What we do in the Shadow and at times, it is disconcerting. But Our flag is death does the same thing for pirates that Waititi’s smash hit does for vampires. It is a subversive, exciting and conscious look at a genre that accepts few revisions. And one, that travels through new and unknown spaces that are sustained by a brilliant story about human relationships and kindness.

Our flag means death, to the sea, to love and to the search for individuality

In the crew led by Stede Bonnet (Darby) there is not a single character that can be defined under the common parameters of pirate adventures. And just for that, Our flag means death it is a display of narrative devices that is exciting and crazy, as well as brilliant. For the occasion, the writers have turned this journey across the oceans into a singular journey through a specific kind of goodness.a. On board this ship where everything is allowed, prejudices are thrown overboard.

The series has the courage, sense of respect and generosity to show one of the most curious romantic stories on television

And not just literally. The condition of an insular space, human and full of good intentions, turns the total experience of the series into a look at interior transit. One of the highest and most curious points of Our flag means death, is to transpose the idea of ​​self-realization with adventure. Also, with the condition of good and evil, which are only moral perceptions that remain beyond the sea. Even the perception of love — which in the series is free, wild, kind, unrestrained — is of poignant depth.