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The new version of the Dark Knight, played by Robert Pattinson, is now available on HBO Max.

The great enemy of the Dark Knight is the jokerbut in batmanthe new version of the vigilante of DC already available in hbo max, the Clown Prince of Crime has only a small appearance. The film, directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson, has had the actor Barry Keoghan to bring this iconic villain to life. He can only be seen -or better, sensed- at the end of the film, when it is revealed that he is the cellmate of Edward Nashton/Enigma (Paul Dano). However, weeks after the film’s theatrical release, Warner Bros. published on the Internet deleted scene in which Batman goes to speak with The Joker in Arkham and that you can see on these lines.

Both in the appearance of the villain in his cell and in the deleted scene, Reeves did not want to show his face in full. Despite that, you can see that the face of the Clown Prince of Crime is totally deformed and full of scars. Why is his face like that? Reeves himself explained the origin of that eternal and macabre smile.

“He’s like the Phantom of the Opera. He has a congenital disease where he can’t stop smiling, and it’s awful. His face is half covered throughout the entire movie”said the director in Variety.

This differs from other versions, such as the one in the comics in which The Joker falls into a tank of chemicals, or the one in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, which kept a certain mystery about the scars on the face of the villain played by Heath Ledger. . On the other hand, it is a little closer to the version of the character that Joaquin Phoenix played in joker, role that gave him the Oscar for Best Actor. It is true that the Arthur Fleck Phoenix does not have a deformed face, but he does suffer from a mental disorder known as pseudobulbar affect that provokes an exaggerated emotional expression and episodes of laughing and crying.

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“What if this guy had a disease from birth and was cursed? He had this smile, people stared at him, and it was grotesque and terrifying. Even as a child, people looked at him with fear, and his response was: ‘Okay, they played a joke on me.’ And that’s his nihilistic view of the worldReeves concluded.

The character’s appearance in batman doesn’t give too much away about his past, but the deleted scene does. In it, the Gotham vigilante goes to talk to The Joker to try to gather information with which to stop Enigma. The conversation between the two confirms that el Bat-Man faced The Clown Prince of Crime in his first year fighting crime in Gotham..

On the other hand, Reeves has stressed that the appearance of The Joker in the universe of Pattinson’s vigilante does not mean that the sequel will have the villain as the protagonist: “A lot of people ask me, ‘Is this a trailer for the sequel?’ And honestly, it’s not”.

At the moment, Warner Bros. has not given the green light to the sequel to batmanbut a series on Oz/Penguin (Colin Farrell) and one about Arkham. The film has become the highest grossing of the year, collecting more than 752 million dollars worldwide.

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