This beautiful actress triumphed at the Cine de Oro, but she underwent surgery on her face 14 times and that’s how it turned out: PHOTOS

The gold cinema in Mexico it was consolidated as one of the most outstanding periods in the history of art in our country, this due to the fact that dozens of cinematographic productions mexican They shone and were successful internationally.

And precisely within this relevant period, various personalities they shone and succeeded on the international scene due to their success and their audacity to transmit stories through the movies in those years.

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Precisely one of them was Hilda Aguirre, who went down in history as an internationally recognized actress, as she was a woman who worked in the last part of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema thanks to her talent in the world of acting.

Hilda Aguirre, an actress who shone at the Cine de Oro

Hilda Aguirre He stood out for having participated in fifteen telenovelas television and in series and in more than 50 movies, where from a young age he showed his talent for acting.

During his career he stood out in various filmsand his moment of greatest fame came when Aguirre starred in films like Sister ye-yé (1967)Little Sister Dynamite (1970), Nobody will love you like me (1972), White gold, cursed drug (1985), Kidnapped Eve and Adam… as if nothing! (1995), among others.

In short, we could see his face participating in various productions within the screen girl, and her work on television made her participate in soap operas like Barbara (1971), sparky (1983), Sweet challenge (1988), chains of bitterness (1991) and Tomorrow is Forever (2008).

One of the most important for her career came when the producer from Reynosa Homero McDonald announced that Hilda Aguirre is going to be the first actress in the series of ten films Stories of José Alfredo Jiménez; however, the progress of this is currently unknown. draft.

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Hilda Aguirre underwent 14 face surgeries

August 31 1986 one of the hardest moments in the life of the famous actress would come, this because Hilda Aguirre suffered an accident in the highway Mexico-Puebla while heading to Tlaxcalaalong with her then-husband, the Mexican politician Mariano González.

They were traveling at dawn when they unexpectedly hit a truck of sheepfolds, an accident that would leave Hilda with serious injuries that would force her to have several operations on her face.

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It is known that Hilda Aguirre suffered a detachment of the eye right, nine fractures in the malar and two in the nose, a situation that made her undergo fourteen surgeries, for which the famous had to be inactive for the next ten years.

Years later, in December 201, the life of the famous would put her to the test again, this after Hilda suffered an accident again in the same road, and despite the fact that it did not have consequences as serious as the first time, the truth is that this event led the actress to declare that she believed that will die on that road, fortunately this did not happen and currently the actress is 73 years old and lives partially away from the spotlight.

Hilda Aguirre before the accident

Hilda Aguirre after the accident



This Golden Cinema actor died during the filming of a movie and was forgotten