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With two seasons that positioned it as number one of the trends in NetflixWho killed Sarah?”, the Mexican thriller that was one of the great premieres of 2021, penetrated the minds of all the ‘detectives’ or followers of history. His long-awaited return finally has a confirmed date and in this note we have all the details.

New images date and date change

If you have already seenWho killed Sarah?”, you know perfectly well that, in this story, you cannot trust anyone. Since the end of the second season that premiered in May of last year, more than one follower has released possible storylines about season 3 of the Mexican series, which will finally arrive on Netflix on May 18.

Months before, at the event called “What a drama”, Netflix summoned a group of journalists from the region, among whom was Skip Intro of “El Comercio”, to announce details of its new productions within the telenovela genre for 2022. In addition to confirming the premieres of other titles already Announced as “Ritmo Salvaje” (with the singer Greeysi) and “Where there was fire” (with Itatí Cantoral and Eduardo Capetillo), the premiere date of season 3 of “Who killed Sara?” and it was said that it would be June 1, 2022.

Luckily for fans of this series, the date was brought forward. In addition, these first images were released in which the presence of the French actor Jean Reno stands out. (Leon, the professional).

scenes from "who killed sarah"season 3. (Photo: Netflix)
Scenes from “Who Killed Sara”, season 3. (Photo: Netflix)
First images of "who killed sarah"season 3. (Photo: Netflix)
First images of “Who Killed Sara”, season 3. (Photo: Netflix)

And what will we see in this last season?


The thriller about the mystery of the death of a young woman, Sara (Ximena Lamadrid), caught more than one, and was positioned in the TOP 10 of Netflix. From the idea that Sara never dies falling from the parachute to that Elisa Lazcano (Carolina Miranda) is the killer, few come close to the dark truth.

The second season (SPOILERS ALERT) left us suspicious about Marifer, Sara’s friend and also stepsister, but it is not only she who would be behind the young woman’s death. Nicandro, a character we get to know more about in that second installment of the series, is more involved than we think.

It’s all very confusing, because sometimes the characters themselves don’t know whether to blame themselves or not. The public becomes a detective seeing what really happened”, Carolina Miranda, the actress who plays Elisa Lezcano in the series, told Spoiler Time a few months ago.

Martin Saracho plays the character of Nicandro when he was young.  Check out this scene in Season 2 Episode 4 of "Who killed Sarah?".  (Photo: Netflix)
Martin Saracho plays the character of Nicandro when he was young. Check out this scene in “Who Killed Sara?” Season 2 Episode 4. (Photo: Netflix) / NETFLIX


But Carolina Miranda also advanced Esquire: “Thinking of Elisa, I would like her to go crazy and find out everything, and be the bad character in the story who lost any sense of justice and truth, and the good person that Elisa is (…) It could be interesting to see the other side of Elisa, who is not always a good person. She could be the bad guy in season three”. Do you think it is?

In the last episode of the second season of “Who killed Sarah?”, we already have a more or less clear picture of what Sara’s past life was like, before she found out she was pregnant, and we see Nicandro answering a call with a person he refers to as ‘Doctor’. A psychiatric hospital, human trafficking networks and drug tests are elements that surround the big question about Sara’s death (or whereabouts).

And for you! Who killed Sarah?