Adrián Uribe clarifies his exclusivity situation with Televisa

After what Adrian Uribe caused controversy by making public his new employment relationship with the television station to which he belonged for more than 20 years, now he gave details about how the events happened.

The 49-year-old actor participated in the first chapter of the platform’s new content cycle Star+where together with his friend, the driver Adal Ramones He talked about personal issues such as the violence that his father used against his mother when he was a child and the serious health problem he faced in 2018.

“It seemed that everything was going very well in my life, I am an athlete, I have always focused on looking good, marked abdomen and suddenly a stomach ache, I ended up in the hospital and they did a study and it turns out that a mesh that I put on 15 years of an umbilical hernia that came out in ‘Dancing for a Dream’, where I did loads, it stuck to my intestine… it was a routine operation to take off that mesh, they did it, but the next day my intestine was perforated. It gave me peritonitis,” Uribe said in the streaming program.

In March 2022, when he spoke publicly about the termination of his exclusive contract with Televisa, it was said that the reason was that the driver had finished paying a million-dollar debt that the company paid when he was in the hospital, although he never did. he claimed. Although this time he did tell about the job support he received, especially from the president of the television station.

“Emilio Azcárraga, who is a great guy, I have a very nice anecdote, when I was in the hospital he went and asked to go personally to see me,” he said.

“It was a very nice detail because it is Emilio Azcarraga, He could have sent some flowers, but he went and made me a very nice detail, “he added.

Adrián Uribe put the final point

Finally, the also driver made it clear that it was his decision to end his exclusive relationship with the company to be able to participate freely in other production companies.

“They did not take away my exclusivity, the company wanted to sign me, my contract expired because I signed for 6 years and I had my contract. It had been exclusive to Televisa for 20 years, to which I am deeply grateful; They talked to me to renegotiate, and they told me ‘we are going to sign’ and I was the one who made the decision, I said no, ”said Adrián, who also assures that he does not regret his decision, although the first months he resented the economic change.

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As detailed, due to exclusivity, each month he received a salary check that the company grants to guarantee that the artist will not work on other television stations or platforms for a certain period of time.

“Like every decision in life, you suddenly say ‘ay bastard!’; I remember the first months without the check, it does feel like: ‘oh I don’t have that fixed salary anymore, I don’t have that income, but can I tell you something?… I feel very satisfied with the decision I made”.

For his part, Adal Ramones, who was the host of the variety show “Otro Rollo” since 1995, also said that he decided to end the project after 12 years on the air to save it from going into decline and to give himself the opportunity to enjoy his children and his life.

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“I went up to knock on the door of the company to say ‘I don’t want to do another thing anymore’, because it was like a bullet train, I felt that how good it makes money! How good that I made savings, bought properties, etc., but what time do I spend it?, what time do I travel? So I have never regretted having stopped Another Roll because I saw that the repetition curve was approaching, so I said get out right now.

Next Monday, April 25, a new chapter of this cycle named “In first person” will be released and will be the national rock singer Alex Lora, along with his daughter Celia, who will talk about their secrets.