Alfredo Adame uncovered ex-romance with Lilia Aragón: “She was a delicious widow”

The actor confessed that he had an affair with the first actress (Photos: File)

The name of Alfredo Adame It has become synonymous with controversy within the world of Mexican entertainment and therefore on social networks any statement it makes is questioned and quickly viralized. On this occasion the actor spoke for the first time about a romance that he had in his past, just when he started on television, but it would be the name of his partner and the way he said it that has now caused a great controversy.

enemy number Carlos Trejo confessed that for a brief eight months he had an affair with a woman older than him19 years to be exact– and that at the time it was something very pleasant for her life, since in some way everything had worked out well despite the fact that the great difference in age could be interpreted as something negative, as well as the fact that she had already had more time in the medium and he was new.

“When I entered television, his mother (Pablo Mendizábal) the first actress Lilia Aragon she was a delicious widowwith a beautiful face, with an impressive body and she was in her 50s, she was one of those women with such an incredible body and a beauty that could make anyone fall in love, “the controversial actor began to relate.

The first actress died in 2021 Photo: Televisa
The first actress died in 2021 Photo: Televisa

Alfredo Adame did not hesitate to give more details about what had happened and how they had met, even leaving very explicitly the apparent reason why the actress’s son hates him to the degree that on more than one occasion he has proposed a physical fight through social networks.

“I entered a novel where she was and well, we were struck by love and many things and well I was a young man well put and then we had our loves and I think that, well, the stupid fat man realized it, I remember that once I was in Vallarta and out of nowhere Lilia appeared with this stupid fat man walking there like an idiot and well this fat man, well, throwing around like bad vibes because, well surely he realized”, he finished.

Alfredo Adame is constantly involved in controversy (Photo: Instagram/@alfredoadamevonknoop)
Alfredo Adame is constantly involved in controversy (Photo: Instagram/@alfredoadamevonknoop)

The presenter and Pablo Mendizabal They have publicly challenged each other on more than one occasion and although the details of their enmity were not known, apparently everything is much clearer now after the statements about the first actress Lilia Aragón, adding the fact that be a friend of Carlos Trejowith whom he has recently challenged for a professional fight.

“About thirty or forty minutes ago, I get a call from a fucking pig called Pablo Mendizábal, is a henchman, lambiscón, is Carlos Trejo’s cat. Right now he marks me and he tells me he’s going to kill methat my mother is going to break me, that this and that, here I am half an hour ago and it has not arrived, here I am waiting for it, ”Alfredo Adame told at the beginning of 2021 to various media that were in Televisa.

The fight revived after the controversial statements Photo: Infobae México.
The fight revived after the controversial statements Photo: Infobae México.

At that time Alfredo insisted on his career as a politician, for which he even declared that none of it affected him: politics: “Do you think that the comments of these stupid people will affect me? And I also have to answer them. What they want is their five minutes of fame with me and what they want is my spotlight, remember that I am the king of the box office”, expressed before what could have been his first fight recorded in public.

Recently, the internet celebrity also became the first confirmed to participate in I’m Famous, get me out of here!reality show Aztec TVbeing himself the one who broke the news before the cameras of come the joy.


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