Case Juan José Origel. Child trafficking networks are still active, alleged victim denounces

Child prostitution networks are still active in Mexico, said the youtuber Peraki Sotowho in an interview told the communicator John Joseph Origin of having sexual intercourse with him when he was a minor.

Soto released a video in which he details his reasons for revealing the incident, after the statement in which the young man, who acknowledges that he participated in a pederasty network when he was a minor, was broadcast on social networks.

He pointed out that he is currently in the wedding planning business, and that his revelations are intended to help end networks of sexual abuse of minors.

Raúl Soto, as his real name is, pointed out that he only had an encounter with Juan José Origel when he was 17 years old, after he was hired by another person to offer sexual services to the show program communicator.

For his part, the communicator published a publication on his social networks in which he apparently responds to the accusations: “Whoever hurts you makes you strong, whoever criticizes you makes you important, whoever envies you makes you valuable and whoever rejects you, makes you You are doing me a favor!!! Good night!!”.

“When I arrived at this house, inside that door was the person named Juan José Origel, better known as Pepe Origel, in which I had to give him a service and I am going to tell it as it was”, Soto said on the Magañismo program.

He explained that at that time he was a drug user and that he began to get involved with adult people, beginning to prostitute himself at the age of 16.

“I went to parties with politicians and celebrities, until they sent me to Mexico City where I met Juan José Origel,” he said.

Child prostitution networks in Puebla

Kamel Nacif Borge, a businessman of Lebanese origin who is also known as the “King of Denim”, was involved, together with former Governor Mario Marín, in the case of torture against journalist Lydia Cacho, who denounced the existence of a network of pederasty in Puebla.

Here is a timeline of the case.

2005. Journalist Lydia Cacho publishes the book Los Demonios del Edén, in which she denounced the existence of a pederasty network headed by businessman Jean Succar Kuri in which Nacif Borge was involved.

For this publication, Kamel Nacif sues Cacho for defamation.

On December 16, 2005, Lydia Cacho was arrested in Cancun, where she lived, by police officers from the then Puebla Attorney General’s Office, due to the lawsuit filed by “El rey de la mezclilla.”

February 2006. A couple of months after Lydia Cacho’s arrest, a telephone recording of a conversation between Mario Marín, then governor of Puebla, and Kamel Nacif was released.

In the conversation, Mario Marín boasts of having ordered the torture of Lydia Cacho. The broadcast of this audio caused outrage throughout the country.

2008. The Supreme Court of Justice determines that there was collusion against Lydia Cacho, to benefit Kamel Nacif.

2018. The United Nations Human Rights Committee issued a resolution recognizing the arbitrary detention against the journalist. And it rules that the Mexican state should prosecute and punish those responsible.

April 2019. Arrest warrants were issued against former Governor Mario Marín, Kamel Nacif and Hugo Adolfo Karam Beltrán, former director of the Puebla judicial police.

July 2019. They enter Lydia Cacho’s house, kill her two dogs and steal work material, including information on cases of pederasty.

July 10, 2020. After spending years on the run, the Attorney General’s Office reported that it had initiated an extradition process against Kamel Nacif, who was located in Lebanon.

The journalist Lydia Cacho accused the Attorney General of the Republic, Alejandro Gertz Manero, of “lying”, by assuring that the textile businessman, Kamel Nacif, was located by her in Lebanon and the FGR only confirmed the location a year ago without arresting him yet. .

December 2020. The First Unitary Court of the Twenty-seventh Circuit, based in Cancun, issued arrest warrants for the crime of torture against the former governor of Puebla, Mario Marín; the former director of the extinct Judicial Police of that state, Adolfo Karam; and the textile businessman, Kamel Nacif.

On April 11, 2019, the First Court issued -originally- the arrest warrants against the former officials and the businessman, who defended themselves against the measure, invoking its cancellation in May of that year. A court denied them the definitive suspension and they resorted to a next instance.

February 3, 2021. Mario Marín was arrested in Acapulco. Since May 2019, Marín Torres had a red card from Interpol, for which he was wanted by the courts in more than 190 countries.

After his capture, the former governor of Puebla, sadly known as “Góber precious”, was transferred to Cancún.

May 13, 2021. Lydia Cacho reported that Kamel Nacif was detained in Lebanon, where he is free on bail. His Lebanese and Mexican passports were withdrawn, so he cannot leave that country.

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