Christian Nodal will not ask Belinda for the ring

Through a live he did yesterday, Christian Nodal revealed the reason why he has decided to leave Mexico and go to live in Los Angeles, California, assuring that he cannot give himself certain luxuries because people immediately notice them and therefore invade their privacy.

“You cannot have your nice car, your nice house because everyone is going to know where you live, everyone is going to know what car you drive. It happened to me, I had a Ferrari that only existed in all of Mexico and it was obvious that people knew where it was, when it happened and all that. And I did not like that there was no privacy, ”said Nodal, already from his home in the US.

The interpreter of “Bottle after bottle” pointed out that this does not happen in the American Union, because there they are used to seeing the luxuries that other people give themselves, since it is something very common in that country and not in Mexico, any taste that will be noticed.

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His fans also asked him if he had already asked for the three million dollar ring from Belinda, but in a comment a follower answered for him: “he has not asked for it and he will not ask for it”; to which Nodal added with a smile, “Right, thanks.”


On her mom’s recovery Christywho had been found to have a colon tumor, the singer replied that he was in perfect health and resting on the beach, that apparently they had faced a misdiagnosis.

Two months after announcing his breakup with Belinda, Nodal continues to apply what the saying says, one nail takes out another nail, and he has already been seen with two conquests in less than a month, first with the Colombian model Mariana Rios and then with the influencer Aurora Cardenas.

Health alert of Nodal’s mother

Cristy Nodal, the mother of the popular Mexican singer Christian Nodal, shared a few days ago that she experienced “a miracle” after being diagnosed with a malignant tumor in the colon that shortly before undergoing surgery disappeared.

“They did a number of studies where the diagnosis led us to the fact that I had a tumor in the colon. The great thing was that in order to operate, they did tests again to confirm and continue with the procedures and it was there that they realized that that tumor was not there, as if he had never had any problem,” reads a statement issued by the “Adios amor” singer’s record label.

“I don’t call this luck, I call this a miracle of life!” The artist’s mother deepens, who also shared her happiness on social networks from the hospital bed where she had been admitted.

In the same letter, the woman says that it was in 2018 when she had her “first fight” against this disease and that a year later she began to have problems with the stomach.

At that time, the diagnoses were not exact, since he even underwent various gallbladder and hernia surgeries that did not end his health problems.

He also narrates that in February of this 2022 he began not to “tolerate” food, which generated “anemia” and weakening and that by March he had declined considerably “to the point of not being able to eat anything at all.”

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Finally, after reporting that -as a “miracle of life”- she recovered, Cristy thanked her friends, family and followers for the support they gave her during the time she was ill.

He also stated that his intention to keep his social networks active in these months was to please his son’s followers.

“My account was from the beginning for the Christian Nodal fan clubs, to keep them up to date with everything related to Nodal. That is why my account is not verified, because I only want to address the people who know about me and show me all their love, support and all your love,” the statement ends.