Juanpa Zurita was robbed for opening a taqueria at home: “It makes me absurd”

The young influencer explained that his tacos will only be available for delivery (Photo: Instagram/@juanpazurita)
The young influencer explained that his tacos will only be available for delivery (Photo: Instagram/@juanpazurita)

Sometimes content creators take advantage of their fame to generate new ventures that help them get more money for the present and future. Thus, they decide to create clothing brands, alcohol bottles, bottled water companies or restaurants.

To this last idea was added the influencer Juanpa Zuritawho this April 20 announced his new taqueria at homewhich will be present exclusively in the application of delivery rappi in Mexico, Colombia and Peru.

Through his social networks, the young man, who has also worked as a driver and actor, explained that this project, which he called The miraculous, It was thought of because on his international trips he always misses tacos, so almost a year ago he began to devise his own restaurant chain.

After 359 days, we can finally announce “LA MILAGROSA” When I leave Mexico, they are what I miss the most. The dream of bringing the taco to the world begins today with Peru and Colombia. Obviously also in Mexico. Soon more Ask them exclusively at Rappi Taquiza ”(sic), wrote the young content creator on his Twitter account.

In his Instagram account he made a more detailed presentation to publicize his product and concept, which consists of 13 hidden kitchens in various cities of the countries where the taqueria will operate.

(Photo: Twitter)
(Photo: Twitter)

This concept is used to describe restaurants that do not have a set point, but rather They are only the places where the food that will be delivered to your home is prepared.

After it was announced, Zurita’s supporters, known as Zuricatassupported him and applauded another achievement in the career of this young man of just 26 years; In addition, some immediately requested the presence of La Milagrosa in other countries such as Chile or Argentina.

However, another large sector of netizens did not agree with him and began to criticize this new project. In the first instance They pointed out that the prices of the tacos are very high, because according to the menu that they shared on their social networks, each one will cost 45 pesosvery high compared to any street taqueria.

The truth is that the price is absurd to me, let’s buy from those who always pass by our houses”; “Chi, we help more people who come out in their positions, in my opinion”; “Is there something lower than putting tacos in boxes?”, Were some comments against the Mexican influencer.

One of the most criticized aspects was the high price of their products (Photo: Instagram/@juanpazurita)
One of the most criticized aspects was the high price of their products (Photo: Instagram/@juanpazurita)

Some more they compared him with another youtuber, Luisito Communicateswho months ago opened his hamburger restaurant, which was also harshly criticized by netizens. “You never want to be left behind by Luisito communicates, the bag of hamburgers and tacos,” he wrote @lapolipop.

Finally, also they questioned the quality and flavor of the tacos, as they stated that they did not want themor that when thinking of tacos, Juanpa Zurita would never come to mind as their main taquero.

So far, the content creator has not responded to all these comments against his new project, which joins the list of criticisms against him, because on previous occasions he even had to complete one of his ventures because of all its irregularities.

The most recent was his iIntention to sell bottled spring water through the brand Water People. Due to this project, network users accused him of stealing this resource from Mexican communities that take advantage of it and share it instead of privatizing it for sale.

It is also worth remembering the alleged scam he carried out after the earthquake of September 19, 2017 in Ocuilan, State of Mexicosince they accused him of having kept the money he collected to build houses for the victims.


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