Susana Dosamantes, mother of Paulina Rubio, confirmed that she has pancreatic cancer

The actress suffers from pancreatic cancer (Photo: file)
The actress suffers from pancreatic cancer (Photo: file)

After a series of rumors in recent weeks, an unfortunate news has now been confirmed: Susana Dosamantes suffers from pancreatic cancer. The first actress of great Mexican soap operas has decided to break the silence and speak for the first time about it, because despite being going through this terrible disease, her interest in the public being informed of “her own voice” is important since she does not want a media wave with “false and unnecessary speculation”.

the mother of Pauline Rubio shared to social magazine Whose a statement where he gave more information about the diagnosis he has been given in recent weeks, adding that the family union with his grandchildren, the golden girlyour son Henry Rubio and her closest circle have allowed her to take everything in a good way, being very positive and fully trusting in the knowledge of the doctors in Miami Florida, the United States and Mexico City, places where she is being treated.

“His children, his grandchildren and his family are united and focused on his recovery. We have full confidence in the medical staff both in Mexico and in Miami, who has extensive experience and professionalism in this type of cancer”, added the Dosamantes family to the information they have provided to the social magazine.

The first actress is in the United States
The first actress is in the United States

In the same statement, the family of Susana Dosamantes confirmed that is being treated in Mount Sinai Medical CenterUnited States, since Paulina Rubio is also temporarily in that country for the national tour that she has a duet with Alejandra Guzman – which has been described by the press, critics and the public as “without any chemistry” – as well as a new lawsuit for the custody of the minor son of the golden girlso he is expected to continue his treatment there for a longer time.

Although now all the information is public, the Rubio family has asked for a lot of discretion on the matter, avoiding falling into false information and speculation that may arise on social networks or “gossip” portals since the last thing Susana wants is a wave where her name and health are a sensationalist topic that could misinform her Mexican public, who has not hesitated to let her know that they are with her.

We ask our colleagues in the press, in the most attentive way, the respect that this type of situation deserves, avoiding false and unnecessary speculation.”, they added.

Susana became Pulina's mother on June 17, 1971 (Photo: Instagram/@sdosamantesof)
Susana became Pulina’s mother on June 17, 1971 (Photo: Instagram/@sdosamantesof)

In the statement that does not give more details about how Paulina Rubio has taken it or who is pending the care of the first actress, since the agenda of the musical tour Perrísimas Tour She still has a large number of dates throughout the United States, but she did detail that wanting to do everything publicly is part of the commitment she has to her fans, who have supported her for years during her time at companies such as Televisa.

“We will keep you informed as it evolves and we thank you in advance for all the signs of support and affection received,” he concluded.

Susana Dosamantes is already receiving signs of support on social networks (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Susana Dosamantes is already receiving signs of support on social networks (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

In social networks, the mother of the interpreter of great pop hits like I am not that woman, cause and effect either The last good-bye She has already begun to receive many signs of support, since the most faithful fans of Paulina Rubio are aware that the circumstances for the singer are not being favorable for her and her family.

“Paulina Rubio, we are very sorry about your mom, She is a great actress and human being., Our prayers”. “Doña Susana will see that we are with her because she has always been an exemplary mother with our Pau.” “I am very sorry about what happened to Mrs. Dosamantes because she really looked very good in If they let us, It’s the bad thing about cancer, it always attacks silently”, they expressed in Twitter.


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