The Batman: here the 3 most iconic Batmobiles in its history

The Batman, the new movie of the most “dark” superhero of all, is among us. At Tork we are passionate about cinema and then we review the best Batmobiles.

The Batman, ladies and gentlemen. The new production of Warner Bros and DC Films is already among us. It is, without a doubt, one of the most long-awaited films of 2022. And the wait was long, since batman It was announced in 2015, so it’s been 7 years in suspense.

But the wait is over, friends of the bat. batman is directed by Matt ReevesDawn of the Planet of the Apes, Cloverfield– and starring, nothing more and nothing less, than by Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz and Paul Dano.

This new film Batman will narrate the beginnings of Bruno Díaz as a superhero. It is about the beginnings of Batman in the city of Gotham, the beginning. So we will find a “bat” still inexperienced and taking his first steps in fighting evil.

However, in Tork we enjoy the cinema and more there are Batmobiles. Today we will review the most iconic that the creation of DC Comics.

1. Batman (1989), Director: Tim Burton

Batman’s Batmobile (1989).

Tim Burton did something very interesting in 1989 when Batman came to the big screen. East batmobile It is a beauty where you look at it. With futuristic features and, as its protagonist requests, dark. This car is tailored to the bat: elegant, fast and versatile.

It was designed specifically for the film by Anton Furst. Furst declared that this Batmobile is inspired by components of “jet” aircraft, hence its aerodynamic and aggressive appearance. It is popularly known as the Keaton-Mobileas Michael Keaton was the Batman piloting it.

This Batmobile, fruit of modernity, is one of the favorites of fans of DC Comics. Let’s say it’s a balance point between the classic Batmobiles of the 1950s and the Batmobiles tank style of the Nolan trilogies.

2. Batman Forever (1995) Director: Joel Schumacher

Batmobile from Batman Forever (1995).

Perhaps the most extravagant Batmobile in all of history. This specimen exudes jet set: bright, quirky and finned! Batman used it for confrontations with the mythical Two facesvillain if any.

They will remember the scene where this batmobile climb walls thanks to its integrated system of climbing hooks. Another revolution of this copy was its wheels, these allowed for the first time to advance 360 ​​°, a resource that from here will be used by all the following Batmobiles.

Two icons of this Batmobile: the sign of Batman on the rims and the exaggerated jet tube in the center of the rear. Without a doubt, this issue of Batman is an icon of the 1990s.

3. Batman Begins (2005), Director: Christopher Nolan

Batmobile from Batman Begins (2005).

I already feel, on my shoulders, the controversy of this election. Hundreds of fans will stone me in the street, but this batmobile -whether they like it or not- is already an icon of XXI century. Let’s see, I don’t prefer it either. I am from the school that Batman cars have to be elegant, fine, nocturnal.

This is the famous Tumbler from the Christopher Nolan saga. More like a tank than a car, this aggressive Batmobile is the undisputed protagonist of Nolan-style Batman. Directly this specimen can do what it wants, turn 360 °, shoot bullets, shoot missiles, resist the greatest attacks. The Batmobile can do anything nolan-style.

I understand that it has to do with the plot: the wayne company was in a huge moment of technological and weapons development, that is why this tank arises. But today, with so much water under the bridge, I still wonder how they were able to design a batmobile so angular and, at least visually, “rough”.

you, reader, which Batmobile would you add to this list?