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The sick story of Dr. Donald Cline, a fertility doctor who used his own sperm for decades. Premiere on May 11 on the streaming platform.

Netflix is about to release a new documentary title with the potential to follow in the footsteps of other notorious ‘true crime’ films that ended up on everyone’s lips for their ability to open our eyes wide. It happened with the acclaimed docuseries Making A Murdererwith the unusual wild wild country about the Rajneeshee community settled in Oregon in the 80s, with the story of terror and pederasty that it narrated The Keepersand, more recently, with the almost comical Tiger King, which caused a sensation during the confinement of 2020 and not long ago even premiered a second season.

These are just a few examples, since there are many more in the life of Netflix and, of course, the documentary feature film Nuestro padre que arrives on the ‘streaming’ platform this spring has many ballots to become one of them.

At the moment, the expectation is maximum. This is demonstrated by the spectacular reaction of the Twitter community to the announcement of the premiere date and trailer of Our father published by the official Netflix account: more than 12 thousand retweets and replies and almost 50 thousand “likes” in just a few hours after its publication.

Claim? A blunt description and a first advance in which several of his victims build a case that, to our surprise, is not the only one similar in history.

A top fertility doctor had a nasty secret: he was using his own sperm. Decades later, his “children” come together to seek justice.

Take note. Our father premieres on the Netflix streaming platform on May 11 and this is the chilling true story in which he will delve into the testimonies of the victims and with details that had not yet come to light.


It is interesting to know that this is not the first or only case in the history of a gynecologist expert in fertility who used his own sperm to impregnate women, but, in the center of Our father we find Donald Cline, who in the 70s and 80s was a true institution in Assisted Reproduction techniques.

“Dr. Cline was the best infertility doctor in Indianapolis,” says one of the people who offer their testimony to the Netflix documentary film in the trailer. Nevertheless, After years of recognition in this field, an investigation would reveal the tragic, sick and unpleasant truth: Donald Cline had been using his own sperm for years to inseminate his patients.without your knowledge or consent.

Donald Cline.

The dark secret of Dr. Cline would not be discovered until the year 2014, when Jacoba Ballard, one of at least 50 babies born from his sickly practices, became one of the first people to discover that the doctor who had treated her mother for her conception was also her biological father. Ballard, who is part of the group of “siblings” who recount her story in Our fatherlearned she had been conceived through a donor sperm at age 10 and in 2014, when she was already 33, she registered on a forum for donor-conceived and adopted people with the aim of finding one of her own siblings.

The surprise came when Jacoba took a DNA test and, instead of finding one or two people conceived by the same donor, she found seven siblings. And the story had only just begun.

The common link between Ballard’s mother and those of the rest of his siblings was clear from the beginning: all of them had been patients of Dr. Cline and inseminated with a sample from an anonymous donor that the doctor assured them would only be used three times in total. Little by little, the number began to grow and, as new cases were known, one of them led them back to Dr. Cline, but this time as the donor of the sperm used to conceive them all.

Still from the Netflix documentary ‘Our Father’.

According to Ballard in an interview granted for an interesting report by Atlantic In 2019, Cline’s official son was the one who put them in touch with the doctor so they could learn the truth: And he himself recognized it, although he claimed to have gotten rid of all the documentation years ago.

Most of us have blonde hair and blue eyes. Almost like the perfect Aryan clan. It’s disgusting

Among the victims of Dr. Cline there are at least 50 known cases, although it is estimated that there may be many more. Many of them, as we see in the trailer, have wondered for years the sick reasons behind the acts of the gynecologist

Cline, who was in his 80s and retired at the time the truth was known, was charged in 2017 with two felony counts of obstruction of justice for denying the allegations, lost his medical license and was fined just $500. .

Our father It will be available to Netflix subscribers on May 11.

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