They catch murderers of medical students: this will be their sentence

The Trial Court sentenced against the three arrested by the homicides of the three medical students that occurred in 2020. In the municipality of Huejotzingo.

It will be specified in the individualization trial how many years the murderers of medical students will be given in prison

The bug was resolved during a audience held at the House of Justice in Puebla, where the parents of the victims were present.

However, the judicial authority will specify in the judgment of individualization how many years will it give them jail Pablo Jesús, 43 years old; Ángel, 23, and Lisset, 22, who are in the San Miguel prison.

It should be remembered that, according to the research of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), Ximena Quijano Hernández, 25, and José Antonio Parada Cerpa, 22, originally from Colombia. Just as Francisco Javier Tirado Márquez, 22, originally from Veracruz, were the February 23, 2020 to the Huejotzingo carnival.

After the holiday, they requested an Uber driven by José Emmanuel, 29 years old.

On February 24 of that same year, the three medical students and the driver of the flatbed taxi were found murdered on a place of the auxiliary board Santa Ana Xalmimilulco.


How is the investigation going on the murdered doctor in Coyoacán?

The anesthesiologist Jessica Frías, wife of José Raúl Guerra Mora, a neurosurgeon murdered by at least 16 bullets in Coyoacán. She denounced that the pstaff of the Attorney General of Mexico City have not presented progress in the investigation and that he has even shown a bad attitude by telling them that “There are many victims and they are not created as special.”

The doctor was killed on September 2, 2021, when he was driving a BMW car on the avenue Northern Division, at the height of the street Tree of Fire. Where he was attacked by at least two people from a motorcycle, while he was talking on the phone through the loudspeaker of the car with her mother.

In the pursuit of justice for the doctor, his wife has asked to meet with the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum. But she has not been received by the president, to whom she has sent emails and letters to see her and expose her case because it goes unpunished.

“I have tried by all means: by emails, by trades; by all means you can imagine, to communicate with the Head of Government and I have not received a response from her. What does a citizen need to have the response from the government and give me three minutes of her attention? What do I need apart from sending letters and emails or demonstrating? ”, She pointed out.

They haven’t even taken a call

Víctor Manuel Sandoval, the family’s lawyer, told MILENIO that “A strong call is made to the Head of Government and the Attorney General because more than six months have passed and the matter is on hold.”

The attorney He mentioned that after the first meetings with García Harfuch and Godoy Ramos they have not received a single call.

“It is not seen that on the part of the prosecution there is an interest in clarifying the case or finding someone responsible for the murder of Dr. Guerra (…) they have tried to look for both the secretary, the prosecutor and the Head of Government and We have not received a response,” he reiterated. Jessica Frías, fearing for her integrity, asked the prosecution for help in any situation that put her life at risk, but according to the anesthesiologist’s lawyer, Oliver Ariel Pilares Viloria, “he told (Jessica Frías) that the prosecution was not to go around taking care of people and they did not have that obligation.”

The doctor’s wife reiterated that she will never tire of repeating that her husband “He only dedicated himself to studying and he only dedicated himself to being the doctor and he prepared himself to be the best neurosurgeon for his patients. I still don’t understand what the mistake was and what triggered my husband’s death in such a cruel and cowardly way, there were more than 16 bullets that they put into him while he only went to his office.

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