Top 10 Online Resources for Residents and Physicians

Are you looking for information during your home beyond the limits of a conventional library? Now there are numerous applications and online resources to help you. From medical calculators to journal article summaries, there seems to be an app for everything.

Physicians and medical students need to be up-to-date on the latest trends in Health. For this reason, we present a list with 10 of the best online resources that can be useful throughout your career or work.

Top 10 Online Resources for Residents and Physicians

Daily Rounds for Doctors

It’s about the largest academic network for doctors and medical students. Through an easy-to-use interface you will be able to share and learn from clinical cases based on real-life patients. Clinical cases are one of the best learning tools for doctors and medical students.

“Daily Rounds” presents important clinical cases for the practice, which are reviewed by the editorial team of more than 120 doctors. In addition, it has coverage of the most important national and international medical events. The app, free for allit will permit you view on your mobile device the latest news in the field of medicine, as well as information on medications and drug interactions.

two. Medscape

This application allows users to keep up with the medical news, diseases and state information in the area of ​​health. Is a resource used mainly by doctors, medical students, nurses and other professionals to obtain health information.

Through Medical News, one of the most popular features of Medscape, the user will be able to have available the latest information regarding medical specialties, important news from Health, medical education conferences and courses, and journal articles. On the other hand, information will be provided on the medicines and drug interactions, as well as access to medical calculators.

3. Epocrates

It allows review medication prescription and safety information for private labels, learn about harmful drug interactions, select safe health forms, identify pills, perform calculations such as body mass index, and access medical news and information.

Four. Prognosis: Your Diagnosis

Is a useful practice material for medical students and other health professionals as it contains more than 120 medical cases based on real life patients. With this application you can see all kinds of clinical cases and access key lessons applicable to daily practice.

5. Skyscape Medical Library

This application offers a package of medical resources which includes clinical information on more than 850 topics, information on different drugs and medical calculators. In addition, they can shop over 600 premium resources in 35 different medical specialties.

6. St John Ambulance First Aid

This app provides guidance on first aid and protocols to deal with emergency situations with easy instructions and illustrated guides. While this app doesn’t replace the benefits of learning about first aid, it helps to know what to do in those moments.

7. Diseases Dictionary Medical

This application consists of a free medical dictionary containing information and detailed description of different medical disorders. It offers the definitions, symptoms, causes and treatment of the main diseases.

In addition to being a practical guide that serves as a medical reference because it covers all medical terminologies and abbreviations, it includes a dictionary with pharmaceutical products and information on medications, interactions and side effects that they may have. It has the benefit of working without an Internet connection.

8. Drug Dictionary

Through a friendly interface, you can access this drug dictionary that stores all the necessary information about drugs: their uses, how to take them, side effects, precautions, interactions with other drugs, lack of dosage, storage, among other topics.

9. PubMed Mobile

This application allows you to search the Pubmed database containing over 24 million citations from MedLine magazine and online books. It is an easy-to-use application where you can search by keyword or complete citations, among other search options.

10. Medical Eponyms Dictionary

Is a dictionary of medical eponyms which has a description of over 1,700 common medical eponyms. It is simple, small, powerful and is a perfect tool to quickly look up the meaning of any eponym.

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