While Anuel AA tried to overshadow Karol G, Shakira, Ricky Martin and Luis Fonsi applaud him

Last Sunday, April 17, the bichota fulfilled one of her greatest dreams, as well as that of many of her fans, to see her singing on one of the most important stages in the United States, the Coachella Festival 2022. And although her presentation was a success, there was someone who tried to attack her, her ex. But while Anuel AA tried to overshadow it, Shakira, Ricky Martin and Luis Fonsi applaud Carol G.

It is no secret to anyone that things between Carol G Y Anuel AA They did not look very good after their breakup, because since then the rapper has been in the eye of the hurricane for his alleged infidelities and for “changing” his girlfriend as soon as he finished with Carol G. However, on this occasion and taking advantage of the spotlight on his ex-girlfriend, the interpreter of the tusadid not hesitate to attack her through her social networks, assuring that she has not overcome it.

“I laugh, if people only knew. And that they say that supposedly I am the one who is stuck in the past, we are no longer in the times of before, I am not the one who is dedicating songs after so long. Let go of me in a band, that he has me without a ball, ”she wrote in his Instagram stories.

Celebrities applaud Karol G

However, what the reggaeton player, interpreter of Addicted Y if you look for mewere criticism and reproaches from the fans of the singer of Mommywho stressed that he was just trying to hang on to the great moment of the 31-year-old Colombian to attract attention, because even several artists of the stature of Ricky Martin, ShakiraLuis Fonsi, daddy yankee and moreover, they applauded the presentation of Carol at Coachella 2022.

Carolina Giraldo Navarrowhich is his real name, wanted to pay tribute to the entire Latino community, and the great stars who have represented them through their music for many years, but who had not had the opportunity to step on stage in Indio, California.

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That’s why, during his presentation, he sang some segments of great hits like Shakira’s Hips don’t Lie; Slowly, by Luis Fonsi; Maria by Ricky Martin; Macarena, from Los del Río; gasoline, from daddy yankee; my people, of J Balvin; and Como la Flor de Selena; which earned him the recognition of some of them.

“So proud of you @karolg at Coachella!! Thanks for the love! Congratulations and keep flying high! ”, Shakira wrote next to the video of the tribute to her song at Coachella.

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On the other hand, the Puerto Rican Ricky Martinwas not far behind, and did not miss the opportunity to recognize the success of the bichota performing her song, Maria.

“Thank you Karol G! What a detail, friend. May the successes continue and may you continue to shine like the star you are. A lot of light for you, a lot of health and that you are always surrounded by love”, were the words of Ricky Martin for the Colombian.

For his part, the interpreter of I do not give up, responded to the tribute that Carol G made her great success, Slowlyrecognizing his talent and his taking over the Coachella 2022 stage on Sunday, April 17.

“And I love you more, friend. I am super proud to see you succeed and represent Latinos at Coachella,” she wrote.

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