5 things you urgently need to improve if you want to keep growing without upsetting your customers

Netflix is ​​going through a difficult time. It has lost customers for the first time in more than a decade, which has made it consider launching a cheaper rate that includes advertising and getting much more serious about sharing accounts, a move that has not been liked at all among its subscribers.

For my part, I think you should focus on correcting other issues if you want to get back on track. Then I expose 5 things that I think urgently need improvement if you want to keep growing without upsetting your customers.

catalog quality

On more than one occasion, Netflix has been talked about as if it were a churrería, the more important it is to launch the more titles the better. That obsession with getting its own catalog makes sense if we take into account the notable losses that it has been adding over the years because its competitors have preferred to reserve certain titles for themselves, but a point is coming where two things add up with a difficult solution: so many things are being released that it is impossible to be aware of all of them and most of them also have an interest, being generous, limited. That stuffing is going to keep coming is obvious, but They should pay attention that there are more careful titles that work as a hook.

More varied promotion

Jupiter's Legacy

We all know that Netflix makes huge promotional efforts with specific titles. Normally it is a move that works out for him – there he can boast of great successes such as ‘The Bridgertons’, ‘The Witcher’ or ‘Don’t look up’ -, but it has a limited scope – and also some very notorious failures such as ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ -. The negative consequence is that everyone else seems doomed to go unnoticed. Every once in a while some unexpected hit comes up like ‘The Squid Game’, but more often than not they end up buried in their catalog and after a week or two they’re completely forgotten, otherwise they’re just born that way. Giving them a little more love is necessary.

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launch strategy


Netflix has always been the main defender of binge-watching. I have nothing against allowing viewers to binge watch a season as quickly as possible, but it’s becoming more and more obvious that it limits the length of a series. Hopefully they get talked about very intensely for days or a few weeks, while others that opt ​​for a weekly episode stay much longer in the conversation, allowing more people to hop on as they go. It would have to be seen case by case, but if they are going to break the taboo of advertising rates, this is something that they should also weigh. And I’m not talking about dividing the seasons into two parts -as is going to happen with the fourth of ‘Stranger Things’-, but it’s not a bad first step.


Netflix rates

Netflix has made it a habit to raise the price of its rates. In Spain he did it in October 2017, he did it again in June 2019 and, for now, the last time was in October of last year. The standard plan -the first that includes HD image quality- has gone from 9.99 to 12.99 euros with these increases, and the Premium -if you want 4K, is the one that touches- from 11.99 to 17.99 euros . It is the most expensive platform by far and there are more and more users who begin to consider that it is no longer worth itthat the competition has put a lot of batteries.

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Take more care of the issue of cancellations

file 81

Netflix was at the time the platform that saved series that had been canceled by some television networks. This gave her a favorable and friendly image that invited sympathy towards her. But that changed years ago and now it is best known for its avalanche of cancellations. It is inevitable premiering so much, but I would have to take more care of it, especially in some well-loved titles. For example, with ‘GLOW’ it was announced that it would be renewed for a final season and then canceled, while with ‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ it was decided to cancel it more than a year after its premiere. Be careful, doing it very quickly can also be painful, and very recently we have the case of ‘File 81’. That some titles may not seem especially profitable, but the damage in terms of image can be much greater.