A miniature replica of the truck where Valentín Elizalde was murdered went viral

Elizalde was born in February 1979 (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Elizalde was born in February 1979 (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Valentin Elizalde He died on November 25, 2006, leaving a huge void in regional Mexican music and in the lives of his family and other loved ones. The death of Golden rooster was caused by a brutal attack on his truck when I was coming back from a presentation.

Recently, a Twittter user shared that she found a peculiar piece for sale related to the death of this popular singer. “Noooo! Look what I saw in a store strollers in Queretaro”wrote the netizen @CigarsDeMiel.

In the photograph, the young woman showed a toy truck that simulates being the last vehicle that the singer got into, since it has the holes that the bullets produced and is black, just like the Suburban in which Valentín Elizalde was attacked.

This is the replica (Photo: Twitter/@CigarrosDeMiel)
This is the replica (Photo: Twitter/@CigarrosDeMiel)

The package with the toy is a customization or adaptation made by a collector as a commemoration, since it even has the face of Valentín Elizalde and the years of his birth and death, that is to say 1979-2006.

In the image you can see that under that toy car there is a edition of the car of the comedian Mr Bean. The discovery of the user @CigarsDeMiel It went viral because it had more than 5 thousand “likes” within this social network.

Another Internet user pointed out that the replica of the truck belonged to the collector GT Collectibles; According to the Instagram account of this store, its location is in the state of queretaro.

The fatal attack on Valentín Elizalde and his team

The singer’s vehicle was intercepted when it passed near the palenque de Reynosa in Tamaulipas. After about 60 shotsValentín Elizalde, Mario Mendoza and the driver, Reynaldo Ballesteros, saw their last night in the early hours of November 25.

Elizalde's truck (Photo: Cuartoscuro, Courtesy EL MAÑANA DE REYNOSA)
Elizalde’s truck (Photo: Cuartoscuro, Courtesy EL MAÑANA DE REYNOSA)

On the day of the attack, four people were traveling in the black Suburban truck in addition to Valentín Elizalde: Mario Mendoza Grajeda, the singer’s representative; Splendor Tano Elizalde, her cousin and Reynaldo Ballesteros, the driver.

According to the versions that have circulated as well as his own statements, Valentín’s cousin got out of the truck and ran away in a taxi that was passing by.

On the other hand, there are people who claim that the cousin of the “Golden Rooster” would have betrayed him: “Well, that day Tano was very nervous, extremely nervous,” declared Marisol in the interview for windowing in May 2020, “He didn’t want to go, many times he told me he didn’t want to go.”

Valentín Elizalde and his cousin Tano Elizalde (Special)
Valentín Elizalde and his cousin Tano Elizalde (Special)

At various times, Tano Elizalde had declared that, according to his perception, Mario, the representative of Valentin Elizaldemay have been responsible for the singer’s death, since he apparently selected the date of the event they were leaving when they were intercepted by an armed commando.

But in reality, Mario was never able to react to the accusations of Tano since he was traveling with Valentín in the van; vehicle that now has its own replica.

The only survivor of this attack was cousin Tano, who was supposedly lying in the truck because he felt bad, and it turned out that the bullets aimed at the vehicle did not fatally impact Valentín’s cousin. the version that gives Tano is that, after the commando that attacked the van left the scene, he had the opportunity to leave and take a taxi to leave the scene.


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