Dr. María del Mar Guerra, pioneer in Genomic Medicine

The genome sequencing is revolutionizing research on human diversity and the causes of disease. which results in better diagnostics through the identification of molecular etiologies and the ability to manage many costly and disabling conditions.

In Mexico, medicine genomics advances at its own pace, but if there is someone who is accelerating that process, it is the Dr. Maria del Mar Guerrapioneer of Genomic Medicine, who opened the first Genomic and Antiaging Medicine clinic in Mexico (MEDAE) and with whom HEALTH had the opportunity to talk exclusively.


Currently, the genome sequencing has achieved diagnostic rates for individually rare, but collectively common, monogenic diseases that exceed 50%. And the doctor is part of that arsenal that fights to combat illness from an adaptable, precise and necessary horizon.

According to Dr. Maria del Mar Guerra: “heGenomic medicine is a science that helps establish precise measurements for each patient based on their DNA. Which combines knowledge to offer personalized treatments to each individual, according to their specific needs”.

The objective is to establish the relationship that our DNA has to do four things: the predisposition to diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cancers, multiple sclerosis, tendency to obesity, among other conditions.

Furthermore, developments such as expression arrays they allow the identification of genes that are active in normal and diseased cells. These advances in genomics lead us to a new era of predictive, preventive and personalized approaches to medicine.

As Doctor María del Mar Guerra mentions: “genomic medicine is NOT the medicine of the future, but of the NOW, a medical branch focused on PREVENTION”.

When people with a condition with high penetrance (with almost certainty that the person will develop the condition). There is a greater chance that the preventive or mitigating interventionss succeed.

Consequently, genomic medicine has achieved its greatest success through applications to monogenic diseases with high penetrance.

The significant health benefits of providing genomic information using this criterion are already provable. Even when the modification of the behavior required is hard.

“Genomic medicine is a branch that complements and synergizes with other sciences. It is evidence-based medicine.”

The four P’s of genomic medicine

As the specialist mentioned; Prevention, Accuracy, Personalization and Participation of the patient are the basis of genomic medicine and it is especially useful for prevention, it also works through a branch known as pharmacogenomics:

“If the patient already has a disease, pharmacogenomics has the role of determining which treatment is the best according to the patient’s needs.”

A great example of how this works is found in the MEDAE clinic, the first space that has Genomic Medicine in Mexico.

What is MEDA? First genomic medicine in Mexico

Medae is, in Mexico, the first Genomic and Antiaging Medicine clinic.

“Today, with a simple test, it is possible to diagnose the genetic load that we carry and thus know the chances that we have that some degenerative disease will manifest itself sooner or later.”

“We can also solve certain conditions that reduce our quality of life and that cannot be seen in a general and indiscriminate way, but rather in a personal and individualized way.”

Medae offers the possibility of accessing sophisticated but simple tests that allow us to:

  • Determine the ideal treatment to achieve the objectives of each patient focused on quality of life.
  • Detect personal sensitivity to 200 foods in the daily diet
  • Immune system diseases such as: Lupus, Graves’ disease, celiac disease, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Aging diseases such as: Degeneration, Alzheimer’s, osteoarthritis and inflammatory response.

  • From the cardiovascular system: aneurysms, atrial fibrillation, peripheral artery disease, coronary disease and thromboembolism.

  • Some types of cancer: bladder, breast, gastric, skin, lung, prostate, colorectal and cervical – uterine.

  • Chronic degenerative: Diabetes 1 or 2, osteoporosis, migraine and obesity.

MEDAE offers four complementary programs:

1. Regaining strength, vigor and health: Inner DNA

It is a unique and personalized medical program that focuses on immunology and the individual processing of each food within the digestive tract.

2. Body Rejuvenation: Body DNA

It is focused on achieving the well-being of the patient through the physical and emotional state, maintaining health, weight and skin aesthetics.

3. Facial rejuvenation: Facial DNA

The objective is to recover the freshness and maintain the structure of the face over time without changing its physiognomy, expressing the best features and beauty.

4. Hair Rejuvenation: Hair DNA

Treats any type of alopecia or hair loss anywhere on the body. In MEDAE, innovative hair graft techniques are also performed.

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