How much does it cost to eat at Juanpa Zurita’s taqueria?

Juanpa Zurita is an internet celebrity who has stood out thanks to his YouTube channel where he has more than 10 million subscribers. He has also developed in the artistic medium as a driver, actor and model.

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Along with his projects as a content creator, Juanpa undertook a new challenge, opening a taqueria with home service.

Photo: @taquerialamilagrosa

According to the influencer, the initiative was born during his travels around the world, where something he missed the most during his journeys was Mexican food, especially tacos.

That is why, based on the question “Can tacos be made that really taste like tacosoutside of Mexico?”, Juanpa Zurita decided to start the tests to develop The miraculousa taqueria that he presented after 359 days of planning and work.

Photo: @taquerialamilagrosa

Through his instagram account, he shared the launch of The Miraculous Taqueriaaccompanied by a speech in which he added “This is dedicated to all lovers of tacosto the Mexican men and women who are abroad and have nowhere to have a good taquito and to the Juanpa As a child he always had the dream of having his taqueria”.

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How much does it cost to eat at La Milagrosa de Juanpa Zurita?

The miraculous It does not have an establishment to eat in the place, it is a dark kitchen concept where, from different points, food is prepared to be delivered at home by delivery service.

The products of this taqueria they are only available through the Rappi platform; however, they can already be found in three different countries: Mexico, with coverage in the Juárez, Coyoacán, Centro, Desierto de los Leones and Interlomas neighborhoods; in Colombia within Chía, Toberin, Chico, Chapinero, Laureles, Manila, Envigado; and in Peru, in the Miraflores area.

Photo: @taquerialamilagrosa

The menu includes typical dishes from a taqueria Mexican and others not so common. It is divided into sections: entrances, tacoscrusts, desserts and drinks.

In Mexico these are the foods available and their prices. Among the entrees, you can find guacamole with pico de gallo and tortilla chips ($87.00), Esquites with mayonnaise and cheese ($67.00), order of spring onions ($53.00), chicken consommé with vegetables ($95.00) and roasted nopales ($67.00). .

The offer of tacos includes steak, rib, carnitas, campechanos and chicken with nopales, each piece at a cost of $45.00, the tacos al pastor cost $26.00 each and the nopales taco with cambray onions $39.00, while the Taco El Milagro, made with roast beef, roasted cambray onions with black sauces and lemon juice is priced at $42.00. They could not miss the gringas de pastor, with a price of $81.00.


The crusts range from $117.00 to $131.00 and can be ordered hearty, steak, rib or with the El Milagro mix. Desserts include rice pudding panna cotta, tres leches cake, banana and hazelnut cream cheesecake, and coconut flan, each priced at $75.00.

The drinks are the classic fresh waters ($43.00) that a taqueria cannot miss, soft drinks ($35.00) and the well-known Chaparritas of different flavors ($25).
To these prices, it is necessary to add the delivery cost of the delivery application according to the area. They have a Pick Up system at different points.

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