Lenny Kravitz in Mexico: they catch the singer dancing “La mixer” to the rhythm of marichi

The singer-songwriter is visiting Mexico

Lenny Kravitz is visiting Mexico and, as expected, it only took a few hours for social networks to be flooded with images of the singer-songwriter captured by those who were lucky enough to meet him during his walk through the streets of Mixcoac, CDMX. Thanks to that, was seen while moving his hips to the rhythm of Blender performed by mariachi group.

In the last few hours, a video of Lenny Kravitz enjoying the night in Mexico City went viral. In the brief audiovisual you can see the American producer surrounded by people, with a jacket in his hand and wearing the same look that he wore in his photograph taken during his walk along a sidewalk.

The singer was accompanied by a mariachi who, without thinking twice, tried to make him dance at all costs. To do this, they made the decision to interpret a piece of Blenderoriginal song by The general. Lenny Kravitz moved his hips very much in his style and at the end, as a gesture of thanks, he applauded the Mexican musicians.

(Screenshot: @ChicoFlash_Twitter)
(Screenshot: @ChicoFlash_Twitter)

The video was recovered by Twitter users, who reacted with funny sarcastic comments and some memes where they related the steps of the actor with those who usually shine on the dance floor during popular Mexican parties such as XV years and weddings.

Lenny Kravitz dancing to the rhythm of a lady in XV years How about that rhythm!”, “Did you really go to Mexico if you didn’t dance the crazy mariachi? Lenny Kravitz moves the boat with mexa style”, “Lenny Kravitz in Mexico, dancing blender with mariachi and you cool off”, “Lenny Kravitz dancing to the music of some street mariachis is the funniest thing I’ve seen this week.”, “I didn’t know I needed a video of Lenny Kravitz dancing like this”, were some comments.

memes arose due to the visit of the famous (Capture: @SoyIsakyn/Twitter)
memes arose due to the visit of the famous (Capture: @SoyIsakyn/Twitter)

The attitude that the 57-year-old interpreter had during his visit to the country was applauded on social networks Because he was simple and tried not to attract attention, however, he could not help doing it during his walk through Mixcoac. Last Wednesday, April 20, Lenny Kravitz published a photograph from the place on his Instagram account and the reactions of the Mexicans were immediate.

Some media figures such as Tania Rincón commented on the publication with emojis. However, true Mexican ingenuity came to the fore through witty memes. This is how the singer was seen between food stalls and, for that reason, the rumor arose that he would have eaten at a gorditas stand. It was also joked that he might buy an item at a paca stall or be willing to try a michelada.

The famous lived the experience in Mexico (Photos twitter/@asael_grande)
The famous lived the experience in Mexico (Photos twitter/@asael_grande)

The face of Lenny Kravitz was also recovered in the well-known meme of Homer Simpson lying on his bed, but covered with a classic Mexican blanket. Some others took advantage of the producer’s photograph to promote their products or establishmentsSuch was the case of a bakery located in Colonia Pensil, CDMX.

“People are happier to see Lenny Kravitz in Mexico than to see the president in Mexico!!!”Those of Coldplay have been in Mexico for so long, that Lenny Kravitz has already visited them”, “I am going to start a hunt to go in search of Lenny Kravitz, I just found out that he is in Mexico”, “Lenny Kravitz has been in Mexico for so long that I know he shot two orders of suadero tacos from the stall behind the 5 x 40 peso photo with everything and survived...”, were other tweets about it.


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