Mauricio Ochmann gave his opinion in favor of assisted death: “It is a free decision”

Mauricio Ochmann confessed his position on assisted death (Photo: Twitter)

american actor Mauricio Ochman is promoting in Los Angeles, his most recent Mexican film And how is he? Which is a romantic comedy that is inspired by the song with the same name, performed by the Spanish singer-songwriter Jose Luis Perales.

It was then that, in a meeting with the press, the actor announced his position regarding the assisted Dying, better known as the euthanasia which is a practice in which doctors provide the means for a person to cause their own death, voluntarily.

To what Mauricio said in front of the cameras of Sun rises: “There are close cases and everything, but I think it’s a free decision Do not? So I support (…) And I will always continue to support him, because I think it is the will of each person, “she confessed.

The actor promoted his new movie "And how is he?" (Photo: Instagram/@mauricioochmann)
The actor promoted his new movie “And how is he?” (Photo: Instagram/@mauricioochmann)

It should be noted that this method is only authorized in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, Colombia, Switzerland, Australia and the United States.

In Mexico, this practice is not yet legal, since according to the General law of health Article 161 Bis 21 establishes that: “The practice of euthanasia is prohibited, understood as mercy killing as well as assisted suicide as indicated by the Federal Penal Code, under the protection of this law.”

On the other hand, Ochmann surprised the media with his arrival on the carpet with a woman who is not his girlfriend, as he was accompanied by his daughter Lorenza Ochmanwhich does not plan to follow in the footsteps of the actor.

However, Mauricio stressed between laughs that whatever his eldest daughter seeks for her future, he will offer her his help at all times: “I think she goes to the other side, but I will always support her in whatever she wants and Well, what I’ve always told him is that, well, you don’t have to define yourself for life, right? You have to do what you like, what you are passionate about”.

Mauricio was accompanied to the carpet of his film by his daughter Lorenza Ochmann, Photo: Cuartoscuro
Mauricio was accompanied to the carpet of his film by his daughter Lorenza Ochmann, Photo: Cuartoscuro

Currently, Mauricio Ochmann resumed his love life and started a new relationship with model Paulina Burrola. Well, the romance started from social networks, when the actor began to follow the model in January 2021 and Paulina liked her photos. Who took the first step would have been Mauricio, when he was encouraged to send a message to the famous.

Despite the fact that Ochmann is a few years older, the two related very well and after their first crossings through the internet, they decided to go on a date and later announced their courtship.

“I know that for Mau her daughters are the most important and the truth is that I felt very nice that he allowed me to be a part and get closer (…) From the beginning, the two were very kind to me, each in their own way and according to their personality,” said Burrola.

Years after the separation with the daughter of Eugenio DerbezOchmann boasted for the first time on social networks to his new partner in 2021. Well, he went up a series of stories to your profile Instagram where The two were seen together enjoying a vacation in Cabo San Lucas.

The couple enjoyed their stay in the magical town (Photo: Screenshot)
The couple enjoyed their stay in the magical town (Photo: Screenshot)


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