Memo del Bosque told details about Paul Stanley’s hospitalization: “Excess work”

The producer was confident in the speedy recovery of the driver of "Today" (Photo: Instagram)
The producer was confident in the speedy recovery of the driver of “Hoy” (Photo: Instagram)

Paul Stanley entered the hospital as an emergency on Tuesday, April 19but it was not publicly known until this Wednesday the 20th, when the comic actor appeared in a video where he is seen in bed at the health center and sends greetings.

This video was projected at the press conference for the presentation of the program losing the judgment, which is about to air its second season. In the audiovisual material, the driver of the Today greet his colleagues and the reporters who came to Televisa.

“To all my friends from losing the judgment Comrades, people from the press, I send you lots of kisses and hugs. From a hospitable tourist complex, because I’m hospitalized, I’m ill…but don’t get lost losing the judgmentwe did it with a lot of love and they are going to have a lot of fun, ”he said dressed in a gown from the hospital room, without specifying the reason that took him there.

The comic actor worried his followers and did not specify the reason that took him to the hospital room (Photo: Instagram)
The comic actor worried his followers and did not specify the reason that took him to the hospital room (Photo: Instagram)

Hours later, the actor himself – who recently promised to marry – surprised his audience with an image shared on his Instagram account, where a short message “Greetings band, eat fruits and vegetables”, ended up intriguing his followers.

It was not until the morning of this Thursday 21 when the son of the remembered Paco Stanley explained in a link with the program Todaywhere he is part of the main cadre of drivers, what is his state of health and what is the affectation that led him to be admitted to the hospital.

With a better countenance, the television presenter explained that the doctors detected a low level of platelets in your bloodso it will remain at rest for the next few hours.

Paul Stanley spoke about his state of health on the “Hoy” program. The driver was hospitalized

Between jokes and good wishes from his colleagues, the actor also said that it all started after he went to the hospital after suffering a salmonella infection and, after undergoing a general check-up, the results were not favorable.

“I’m still in the hospital here. They detected a variant of salmonellosis, I went in for that and when they did tests on everything (…) they found that I have low platelets, I have 95,000 and then I came out with 85,000, so the doctors got worried (…) they didn’t let me out, they told me that they were very concerned about where that low platelet count came from and well here I am,” he declared.

After his words, now the producer Memo del Bosque, who works with Paul in losing the judgmenttold what he knows about the health of the famous and ventured to suggest that his affectation could also derive from the stress to which Paul is subjected daily:

Memo del Bosque is happy before the start of the second season of "losing the judgment" (Photo: File)
Memo del Bosque is happy at the start of the second season of “Losing judgment” (Photo: File)

“I spoke with him early the day before yesterday (Tuesday 19), Apparently it was some food, something intestinal, I think it’s also overwork, he’s a very talented guy and he does many programsand suddenly he came from traveling, and you eat here and you eat there, and the programs and the stress, I think that there came a decompensation, and something was intestinal, “he said in a chat with Infobae Mexico.

The producer of Televisa He trusted that with the care he is receiving in the hospital, Paul will get ahead and will soon be able to rejoin the morning.

I think that day he went to the Hoy program, yesterday he was hospitalized, he was hospitalized the day before yesterday (Tuesday) in the afternoonbut the day before yesterday, it seems to me that someone told me that he had seen him on the program and that after leaving he surely left because he must have felt bad, he recorded a message for me yesterday for the press, which I projected there on Press conference”.

Paul Stanley is part of the cast of the second season of "losing the judgment" (Photo: Instagram)
Paul Stanley is part of the cast of the second season of “Losing the trial” (Photo: Instagram)

“I think it’s one of those decompensations that suddenly happen to you, or some infection, and that with serum, with some treatment I am sure that it will come out. I don’t think I know anything serious, but it’s something that finally at that delicate moment that makes you feel bad and they must have recommended ‘you know what, go put on a serum, and stabilize yourself,’ said the director.

It is expected that in the next few days Paul will appear again on the live screen, since the comedian will also appear on the screen in the already recorded programs of losing the judgmenta program whose second season will premiere this Monday, April 25.


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