Peter Philips: His insider tip for a radiant complexion

Make-up and especially lip make-up and foundation are celebrating a rebirth. In the BRIGITTE interview, Peter Philips revealed which trends we should pay attention to.

He must know! Peter Philips, creative and image director of Dior Make-up since 2014, does make-up for stars such as Bella Hadid, Natalie Portman and Caro Daur, and as the creative mind is always the first to know what’s hot. He is known for pushing boundaries and experimenting with playful, unexpected looks. His signature look: radiant make-up.

Peter Philips reveals his make-up highlights

And it is precisely these radiant looks that should come back after the Belgian in 2022. Full lips, glowy apple cheeks and an even complexion – a perfectly coordinated full-face make-up is making a comeback. His secret recipe for this? Lipstick. The good news: this is all very easy to imitate!

BRIGITTE: Many people are rediscovering make-up after the pandemic. Which trend do you see as big right now?

Peter Philips: For me, the biggest trend is actually make-up itself. People have gotten so much inspiration from TikTok, Instagram or Netflix over the last two years and now they finally have the opportunity to live it out for themselves. The rediscovery of make-up is a very big trend, it will definitely be more playful and extroverted.

It sounds like makeup trends are catching a lot of emotions this year too?

Definitive! Especially when it comes to the lips. At the latest when the mask is no longer a mandatory part of our everyday life, lip make-up becomes a big topic. I would say the “Soft Edge Lip Stain” is making a comeback. In Asia, especially in China and Korea, the “My lips but better” look has been a big trend for some time. The natural lip color comes back as a lipstick and experiences its wild side – just as if you had kissed passionately.

And how do you achieve the look if you don’t have someone to destroy your lipstick for you?

Glossy lipsticks in particular are perfect for this look. They give the lips a shiny and luminous effect without being too glittery. What is also very nice: apply the lipstick only to the inner lips and then pat in with your finger. Or you can do it like the Asians and put a little more on your eyes and cheeks – that’s really great!

That is, you use a product for lips, car and eyes?

I love using the lipstick on my cheeks too. I even did that at the last Dior Men Show. And actually it’s a really old trick. My grandmother used to do it too. On Sundays or on special occasions, she puts lipstick on her lips and then briefly puts her finger in the color to dab it on her cheeks. In this way, all tones on the face fit together and result in a very harmonious picture.

Is there anything to watch out for with this technique?

You have to be careful, because not every lipstick formulation is suitable for wearing on the cheeks. Nourishing lipsticks blend well with the foundation. They then give a radiant and fresh effect on the skin without being too glittery. Very natural and fresh.

And does it last all day?

This way, the blush usually lasts as long as the foundation lasts. If you want to be on the safe side, powder a little more, but that takes the glow off your face a bit. So I’m not for powder. But the best motto is always: try it out.

Is there a trick to keep the make-up fresh and glowy in the coming summer?

Again, the key here is not to use too much. My motto: With the puff pastry effect, the make-up stays natural and lasts a long time. It usually starts with a balanced skincare routine of serum and moisturizer. Important: apply thin layers and do not use products that are too rich. And definitely use a primer. It’s my silver bullet. Then I apply the foundation in thin layers and finish with the fixing spray.

So it’s safe to say that multitasking and thin shifts will be with us in 2022?

Above all, the uniform tones will accompany us. They give that glow effect that everyone is craving right now. And provide a nice little extra boost.

Would you say that make-up products will also change in this way?

Consumers now definitely expect more from their products. It’s about how changeable the product is, but also about its environmental balance or the fashion aspect. A lipstick, for example, should not only be applied evenly and last a long time on the lips, but also be based on natural ingredients and be fun.

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