Prince Harry jokes about his baldness

Unlike other editions when the Invictus Games were involved in the funny anecdotes starring the prince harry, like that video of the little girl who stole her popcorn or her meeting with Michelle Obama, this time, the event has been framed by the comments of the interview that its founder gave to the Today show. The brief chat that has caused waves due to comments the Prince made about the monarch, as well as his refusal to speak about Prince William and Prince Charles, has grabbed headlines. Despite this, casual and relaxed moments have not been lacking in this edition that is taking place in the Netherlands and in a display rarely seen, the Prince has joked about the state of his hair. After a few years ago he made fun of him because his older brother was losing his hair, now it is he who is faced with baldness before his 40s, something he joked about in his encounter with one of the athletes.



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It was during a moment of jokes with the Dutch athlete Bart van der Burg that the Prince made reference to the state of his hair. As makeup was applied to Bart’s forehead, Harry told him: “You have a lot to do there”, with sympathy the athlete replied that it would not take long before he would go bald, something to which Harry replied: “But you’re going slower than me I’m already…I’m doomed.” Playing along with the Prince, Bart replied, “We have the same barber, I guess… We call it the bird’s nest,” he joked referring to his bald head, making Harry laugh. Apparently, this was one of the Prince’s moments of relaxation, leaving aside the controversy that his comments caused. And it is that according to him he answered during the commented interview, the Prince is totally focused on the Games before returning with his family to California.


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Harry’s jokes about the family mane

Despite the fact that relations between Prince Harry and Prince William are currently tense, for most of their lives they were inseparable and the jokes between them were not lacking. When Prince William began to lose his spectacular blonde hair, the first to make it evident was undoubtedly Harry. In a popular video from 2009, the two perfectly uniformed brothers gave an interview about their military activities. After firmly supporting his brother during their talk, William joked that it was the first and last time they lived together, since he was the one who did the cooking and washing, to which Harry responded with amusement.

With a casual and brotherly atmosphere at the table, the brothers did not stop to joke around. When Harry pointed out that his brother was smarter than him, William was quick to reply that he was also more handsome than him, to which the younger Windsor replied by simply making it clear that he was also balder. “Very brave coming from a redhead,” said William without being disturbed by the comments of his brother who today reach him in a completely different scenario between them.

Although it is a theme that has marked the adult life of the Princes, the reality is that both have joked about baldness. A few years ago, in 2017, when William entered a barbershop he said with special sympathy: “I don’t have much hair, I can’t give you much business.”