The 3 movies on Netflix that will help you get over being cheated on by someone you love

Despite the great offer that exists in the market around platforms that offer entertainment without leaving home, Netflix continues to be one of the streaming companies with the highest demand Worldwide.

This is mainly due to the fact that the site, recognized by its particular red logo, has shown that one of its interests is to get the best movie releases, from the newest to the classics.

Netflix and its content proposal

Since the arrival of platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and now Paramount plus, the streaming giant is now looking for ways to stand out from the competition.

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It is worth remembering that the company emerged from 1997although it offered only a DVD rental service through the mail, and it was until the year 2008 which began offering streaming service.

That is why, under the context of the pandemic, now the giant of streaming has made new commitments to have movies of all genres and various themes, and one of the favorites by users lately has to do with love and broken hearts.

3 movies on Netflix to overcome a betrayal

This tape has consolidated as one of the most heartbreaking because it is a crude story full of betrayal and despair, “Damage” or “Daño” by its title in Spanish.

This film follows the story of Stephen, a married man, who is immersed in a routine full of privilegeshowever, his world will come crashing down when he meets the future wife of his son, and everything inside him is destabilized, this after beginning to feel attraction for the young woman.

The woman, Anna, corresponds to the father of her future husband with flirting and together they embark on a relationship that, in a short time, becomes absolutely dangerous.

This is a tape that will teach you to let go relations without a future, and follows the story of Melanie and Dan, they have been together for six years, they have lived through very important moments.

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However, although they appear to have a perfect relationship, the reality is that several conflictsThey will also have to make decisions about their careers that could affect their relationship.

It is a production made in 2015, and narrates the life of a former dancer and her artist husband, who are at the height of their relationship and have admiration for each other, so they decide to travel through France During the 1970s, however, an unexpected event will alter their marriage.

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That is why, when their marriage gets worse and worse, they decide to make a stop in a lonely town on the coast, where they will interact with the inhabitants, who will make them completely change their vision of life and of society. infidelity.

This movie is directed by Angelina Jolie and starring her alongside Bad Pitt, for which she immediately drew attention because they are a beloved duo within Hollywood.



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