the horoscopes for the weekend of April 22 to 24, 2022

These days will be of renewal and arrival of love, that’s why Mhoni Seer tells you what rituals you must follow to be at peace with your being and fill abundance.

You will make firm decisions in your personal life this weekend, because your sign will go through strong energies found in your love life; try to analyze well what is best for your life and decide who to stay with to be happy; your most compatible signs are Capricorn, Gemini and Leo. Friday of work meetings to rearrange your projects. Try to de-stress yourself and focus on what you need to be successful. You make payments from your credit card. You receive an invitation to go on a trip these days, take the opportunity to relax. Beware of envy and the evil eye, remember that your sign always shines and that bothers others. Avoid overspending. Your lucky break will be with the numbers 02 and 44. On Sunday you will go out with your friends or family to a barbecue or party.

During these three weekend days you will take the opportunity to celebrate your birthday. Positive energies will be stronger in your life for you to achieve abundance. This Friday you will have work luck and what you do will take effect; Do not hesitate and decide to be a winner. Take care of legal problems, try to solve everything at the right time. A love from the past is looking for you to talk; remember that we all make mistakes and it is good to ratify your decisions. You go to a dental check-up, fix your car and decide to change it. Be careful with your character, it is better that you do not give your opinion and stay out of complicated situations. Saturday and Sunday you will visit relatives. You clean out your closet, start an exercise routine and a diet to look good. Your lucky numbers are 05 and 18; play on Sunday.

This Friday you will face pressures in your work environment. Your sign is very apprehensive and you have a hard time detaching yourself from complicated situations; Analyze your plans thoroughly and do not get upset in the discussions, keep in mind that your sign will always be victorious. Take care of skin problems or try not to undergo any aesthetic treatment in which you could have complications, better wait a little time. You earn extra money thanks to your lucky numbers, which are 07 and 88; play them these days. You buy clothes and decide to change your look; take care of your money and do not buy items that you are not going to use. Saturday and Sunday you will have the opportunity to take a language course. You decide to get a tattoo. Don’t eat because of nerves anymore, control your diet to avoid gaining weight or damaging your health.

You will perceive many positive energies this weekend to start a business, analyze which is your best option. Be careful with thefts, try not to lend your credit card or cash; It is time for you to take care of your resources. A friend is looking for you to go on vacation these days. Do not fight with your partner, try not to invent jealousy and enjoy the relationship more. Cancers who are single will meet a new and passionate love of the sign of Sagittarius or Pisces who will be very compatible, just give the relationship time to work. You resolve a legal situation in your favor and change the deeds of your house. Don’t look to other people for what you need. Lean on your family, they will always see the best for you. Your lucky numbers are 03 and 29. A stroke of luck comes on Sunday.

You will face complications at work this Friday, it will be a day of very unsettled energies, so avoid job changes or request credits. Remember that your sign is governed by the element of fire and that makes your environment sensitive. You remodel your house and room to feel more comfortable and that will also allow you to renew your energies. You receive an invitation to a family party; avoid the grudges of the past and enjoy the moment. Try not to help everyone because later they will want to see your face; it is better to support who will reciprocate with you. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 17 and 30. Play this Saturday, luck will be on your side. Keep up with exercise and diet. Do not drink much alcohol and avoid excesses. New and passionate loves are looking for you, but you must distinguish if it will last.

Your sign will be filled with good news this Friday, when the positive energies of your life will be completely renewed. You receive a gift that you did not expect from a new love. A relative invites you as best man to his wedding. Do not look for excuses or conflicts where there are none; Let yourself be loved, it is the ideal moment for you to fall in love and enjoy life; the most compatible signs with you will be Aries, Cancer and Virgo. Look for a lawyer to fix matters of a family property or car. You receive extra money for the lottery with the numbers 12 and 35; play them this sunday. Be careful what you are going to eat this weekend; remember that one of your weak points is the stomach, be more careful. Change your cell phone plan for a cheaper one, it’s time for you to save and start saving.

It will highlight the good luck in your life this weekend so that you reinvent yourself in love. Try to pay your credit card debts so that you do not have financial problems in the future. Avoid telling others about your problems, remember that many are happy when things go wrong for you, so try to be discreet. This Friday you will buy clothes and change your look. Try not to be impulsive in your work, remember that the one who gets angry loses, so be careful what you say to others. Try to go out this weekend for a walk and get some fresh air so that your positive energy multiplies. A friend falls in love with you, he is of the Pisces or Taurus sign, but clarify the situation and do not play with the feelings of others. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 19 and 23. Avoid problems with your neighbors.

You will feel very positive this Friday and with energy to get ahead. They invite you to go on a trip in the coming days. Try not to fall in love so much if you just met your partner, remember that trust is earned over time, so proceed calmly in your love relationships. This weekend will be propitious for you to fix your house and buy furniture. You will live days of great passion with new loves thanks to the fact that your sign is the most sexual of the Zodiac. Do not lend money, learn to refuse so that they do not steal your luck. You have a stroke of luck with the numbers 31 and 47. Try not to lie under any circumstances, because sooner or later the truth comes out. Start a business on weekends to earn extra money. Be careful with the rancor of a past love, try to stay in peace.

This weekend you will do everything you had in mind, especially since your desire to succeed will be decisive and you will not give up until you achieve your goal. Your sign has very good luck in love relationships, that’s why you almost always have more than one partner at a time, you’re the territorial type, so be careful what you do and don’t hurt anyone. This weekend you will have a lot of work; organize your time and do not stay without doing your tasks. You get extra money for a job. You will go out with your partner to dinner on Saturday. On Sunday you will be lucky with the numbers 09 and 28. You will think of a love from the past, remember that your sign is very proud and almost never returns, so fill yourself with positive energies and meet more compatible people. This weekend you will have loves from the sign of Leo and Aries.

This weekend you will remember someone who is no longer with you, but try to communicate and stay in peace. Try to occupy your mind and go out with your friends so that feeling of loneliness leaves your life. In love, an Aries or Virgo sign will seek you out; he will invite you for a ride; have fun! On Friday you will be very lucky in everything related to gambling, your lucky numbers are 21 and 30. You will buy clothes, but remember to spend only on what you need and keep saving, especially do not spend what you do not have. You will know of an operation of a family member and you will give all your moral support. Remember that your sign is very intense and you always want everything very fast, breathe and go with one thing at a time. Give time to business, you will have a great reward in your work during these days.

On Friday you will have a lot of work in your office and you will close important contracts. You send to fix your car, I recommend that you clean it well. Your sign loves everything related to the automotive industry, so I recommend you start a business of this type. A friend is looking for you to ask you for sentimental advice, give her the time you would like to receive. You buy clothes and change your look. You will be invited to travel abroad these days. Be careful with alcohol or spicy because your stomach will be very delicate. Keep up the exercise, everyone notices your improvement. You will give advice to a gay friend. In love, think carefully about your next step. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 13 and 40. Remember that problems are solved at the time, not before or after; don’t be stressed about it.

You will be very thoughtful in personal matters. Sometimes you want to control others and that creates problems for you in love; Try to change that attitude. Remember that it is worth asking for forgiveness from whomever you offend and that for your sign, living with tranquility is essential. You have your car fixed and you buy tires for a trip. Arrange passport or visa papers. In love, someone from the sign of Cancer or Scorpio will look for you to return. Try to give yourself time and choose the best person, there is no rush. You will have a very long weekend full of activities. Give yourself time in everything you have planned. You will enjoy a stroke of luck with the numbers 06 and 50. You are preparing to move house these days. You send to fix a wristwatch. Your mom needs your support, it’s time to give it to her.