The praised cars of Sofia Coppola’s cinema

With you, Sofia Coppola. The talented New York filmmaker often has a particular eye for portraying contemporary societies in her everyday life. Next, we delve into the cars that have appeared in her films, and that mark the style of her protagonists.

the cinema of sophia coppola he forms a world with his logics, his places of reference and his personal way of filming and posing the camera on objects. Something identity of their films it’s the way Sofia captures the essence of her characters through the way they dress, the car they drive or the way they have a glass of wine.

In these details lies the powerful charm of the cinema of Coppola. Movies that prove it are Lost in Translation, somewhere, Marie Antoinette either The Virgin Suicides.

Born in New York in may 1971, Sofia is a working talent. Since her debut on the big screen with The Virgin Suicides in 1999, has not stopped filming. Nominated for Oscarwinner in Venicewinner in the Independent Spirit and in CannesCoppola today seeks to continue strengthening her personality as a filmmaker.

As we said before, something distinctive about his cinema is he portrait of certain elements that define the way of being in the world of its characters. They make them more vivid, closer, more human. One of those elements are undoubtedly cars.

Cars, automotive culture in general, usually mark a way of being in the world. From the chosen model, whether it is a classic or a contemporary production, whether it is exuberant, whether it is rather low profile, the color of its bodywork. Everything “speaks” in the choice of a car. And Sofia Coppola knows this, and uses it to her advantage on the set.

Let’s stop at some specific cases. The porsche from The Bling Ring led by the teenagers who star it is a demonstration of what they want to be. Cabriolet, sports car, coupe, cool. All this is an indicator of social representation in the Los Angeles portrayed in the film. Indeed the car is a Porsche 911 Carrera S factory dated in 2009.

Continuing with another movie, let’s focus on somewhere. This film, released in 2010, portrays the routine and exuberant life of an actor in the film industry. Hollywood in the process of promoting his latest work. For this, Sofia decided that the main character -an actor of approximately 35 years old- drive an elegant and sporty Ferrari 360 Modena.

In this film, without falling into spoilers, the car and his attitude in driving it towards the end of the story marks, without a doubt, the character of the story. I invite you to see it, the gesture of the protagonist towards the 360 Modena reaching the end.

Finally, let’s delve into the latest production by the New York director. Is about On The Rocks. This film seeks to portray the life of a middle-aged woman, while developing the twists and turns of the relationship father-daughter.

Filmed in New York, Coppola chooses that the father -Bill Murray- drive a classic car for his walks around the city. The car is nothing more and nothing less than a Alfa Romeo Giulietta factory dated in 1959. Convertible and with a pleasant rhythm, this Alfa Romeo speech of Bill Murray’s character without having to fall into explanations. Bill’s walks through the convulsive city are to put in a frame.

Ferrari 360 Modena, in Somewhere by Sofia Coppola.

Here we finish the review of the cars that say a lot in Sofia Coppola’s cinema. Now I ask you, reader, Can you think of another leading car in Sofia’s movies?