Video: The time has come! Shakira and Rauw Alejandro present their new song ‘Te congratulations’

This Thursday the 21st, Shakira and Rauw Alejandro presented their most recent single 'Te Felicito'.  PHOTO: Courtesy
This Thursday the 21st, Shakira and Rauw Alejandro presented their most recent single ‘Te Felicito’. PHOTO: Courtesy

Much expectation had been generated by the announcement of a collaboration between Shakira and Rauw Alejandro; even, a few days ago, the barranquillera announced, through her social networks, the release date of the single ‘Te congratulations’.

On April 14, the Colombian published the official poster indicating that April 22 would be the song’s release day. And it is that both the impact that the Puerto Rican has had and Shakira’s need to please her audience with a new single.

And it is that the urban artist has been leading the new generation of Latin musicians since his career became known in 2017; Since that year, many of his successes have reached Gold, Platinum and Multi-Platinum certifications, consolidating even in the midst of the pandemicbecause during the mandatory confinement he performed one of the most iconic virtual concerts of the year in front of more than a million YouTube viewers in real time from the Puerto Rico Coliseum.

Thanks to that presentation, he managed to be a trend in 14 countries, and that was ample reason for Shakira to pay attention to him in order to make a new collaboration in Spanish, since his latest releases have been in English.

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“I congratulate you, you act well, I have no doubt about that. With your role continues, that show suits you. I congratulate you, you act well, of that I have no doubt”, were the lyrics of the song that, as a preview, the barranquillera had shared on her social networks before the premiere this Thursday.

Finally, the video was released in the last few hours, surprising her millions of followers who thought it would be released on Friday the 22nd, which is why the Colombian artist became a trend in social networks within a few minutes; and while some celebrated the anticipated launch, others dared to make memes with some scenes from the video related to ‘Encanto’.

PHOTO: Via Twitter
PHOTO: Via Twitter

Next, the video of the new song ‘I congratulate you’ by Shakira and Rauw Alejandro

Now, what other merits has Rauw Alejandro had to be with Shakira?

It is worth mentioning that the latest album is ‘Vice versa’, which was released in June 2021 receiving acceptable comments from critics. It even debuted as number one on Billboard’s Top Latin Album chart, as well as on the podium in the ‘Top debut album’ on the Spotify platform.

Additionally, it was in that same year that he performed his first ever sold-out row in the United States, with stops in Spain and his hometown in Puerto Rico, which featured four sold-out shows. Recently it was also known that she will be part of the artists invited to the Latin America Music Awards 2022 and is a trend in social networks.

And it is that recently a video of the singer originally from San Juan -Puerto Rico- was leaked with his gloves on and hitting the same sack as the Mexican boxer, Cinnamon Alvarez. Although both characters executed the same movement for a few minutes, the difference in technique was noticeable when executing the slaps. In another publication, the Reynoso confirmed the presence of Alejandro when he was shown bandaging his fists.

The urban genre singer went to Eddy Reynoso’s gym in San Diego, California, to hold a training session.


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