Vin Diesel Recalls The Emotional Reason He Turned Down The First Fast & Furious 10 Script

Yesterday, Vin Diesel surprised the fans Fast and furious with the title of the tenth installment it will hit theaters in 2023. For 20 years, the action saga has become one of the highest grossing of all time, accumulating a solid base of fans who eagerly await each new film .

After the premiere of F9: The Fast Saga it was confirmed that the story would come to an end with two final films. The first will be titled Fast X And it will hit theaters next year. The details of the plot are still unknown, but it is known that it will feature the return of Vin Diesel and several of the historical characters of the saga. Also, they will add Jason Momoa, Brie Larson Y Daniela Melchiorin roles that have not yet been confirmed.