Why did Natalie Portman decide to leave Marvel and why has she returned?

Natalie Portman was one of the big stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. An indispensable piece within the multiple stories that were combined at the beginning of the Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige project. Jane Fostera character he gave life to, was one of the axes of the Thor saga along with Chris Hemsworth, but his last role dated back to the now distant 2013 on the tape Thor: The Dark World. Beyond her cameo in Avengers: Endgame -recreated with discards from the film-, the actress has remained outside this license until Thor: Love and Thunderin which it returns as mighty thor. But, why did he leave the MCU for almost a decade? We tell you.

The reason why Natalie Portman left Marvel and why she has returned as Mighty Thor

Yes, it is true that there has been much speculation about it. The Natalie Portman’s departure from the Marvel Cinematic Universewho will now give life to the God of Thunder in the fourth part directed by Taika Waititi, was a real misstep for the plots of the character played by Chris Hemsworth. Kevin Feige and those responsible for Marvel Studios had proposed a very weighty romantic story, with its comings and goings, and a background balanced for Hemsworth and Portman. However, when the actress left the ship, the writers were forced to say that Jane left Thorthat their love relationship ended and that the scientist was forced to go away from the influence of the powerful demigod, settling in a remote base on the other side of the world to focus on her work.

Natalie Portman Dark World

Although it was never said explicitly, and it was camouflaged in the plots in many ways – being almost a recurring thing in some dialogues – it was all due to the bad experience of the Oscar winner on the set of dark world. The real reason for abrupt abandonment of Natalie Portman is due to Marvel’s decision to fire Patty Jenkins as principal of the sequel to Thor. In fact, it is said that Natalie Portman’s contract specified that her participation in the second film was conditional on the signing of the director, with whom she maintains a friendly relationship.

Patty Jenkins was going to direct Thor: The Dark World, but she left the project and Natalie Portman ended up angry

After a long series of disagreements and creative differences with the studio and producers, the director of wonder-woman I ended up leaving the chair under pressure from the major that financed the film, and this It would have angered and disappointed the actress in equal parts, who found herself trapped in a project she didn’t believe in. She didn’t feel comfortable, she didn’t believe in the direction she was taking but she was bound by a contract that she couldn’t break. Once Jenkins left the directing chair, and with the arrival of Alan Taylor on the set, the film changed considerably in tone and approach, and that hurt Foster’s role in the plot.

mighty thor

before the such profound changes in the script and the sequences in which he participated, and with a series of empty promises on the horizon, Natalie Portman decided that it was better to leave Marvel and continue her film career in another way. Time has returned it to the starting point but with another perspective: now being Thor in the new tape, Thor: Love and Thunderwhich will be released next July 8 in theaters.