5 of the best hitmen in television history

Throughout history, a lot of characters have appeared that left us with a square eye due to the way they handle weapons and, above all, because of how effective they are. There are many hired killers –or hitman– that we have seen in different media and that, of course, have become true icons of pop culture (despite the fact that what they do is almost always not right).

Examples of this class of characters in the cinema are many, from Matt Damon playing jason bournegoing through Jean Reno as Lion (from Leon, The Professional) and of course, the good Keanu Reeves grabbing everyone and giving life to the beloved John Wick. However, if there is one thing to say, it is that these mercenaries on television do not have the recognition they deserve and they do not have the spotlight that their actions have shown.

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It’s time to recognize the best hitmen in television history

A good number of hitman have appeared in several series that in addition to not being afraid of anything -not even death itself- they have left us with our mouths open for the way they perform in their work. Hired assassins who have a very different way of working but who, in the end and despite the complications that may arise in each of their missions, fulfill their objective at the foot of the canyon. But the most important thing is that they satisfy those people of dubious origin who hired them.

taking advantage of that We chat with the cast of Barry for the third season of this spectacular series (yes, we sat down for a long chat with Bill Hader, Anthony Carrigan, Henry Winkler, Stephen Root, and Sarah Goldberg, and you can check out what they had to say below), we thought it’s a good time to remember five of the greatest mercenaries in the history of television. So sit back and fasten your seatbelts because it’s going to be a long and intense road.

‘Micheletto’ – The Borgias

We start this story with someone tough and a little cruel, neither more nor less than Don Miguel ‘Micheletto’ Corella. In 2011 it premiered The Borgias on Showtime and we met this great character played by Sean Herris, who in real life was also an effective hitman (known as the official condottiero in the service of Cesare Borgia) who is hired to carry out ruthless assassinations to keep the family in power.

Despite looking quite cold in this production and loving danger, he made it very clear that he was loyal to those who hired him and led a fairly intense life between love affairs beyond his role as a hit man.

Dexter Morgan- Dexter

Of course we couldn’t let go to the protagonist of one of the series that we faithfully follow for yearsneither more nor less than Dexter Morgan. Michael C. Hall brought to life this incredible hitman who had a pretty tragic past (since both he and his brother witnessed the murder of his mother).

Nevertheless, by twist of fate he becomes a respected forensic but the reality is that behind his talent and the appearance of a good person is a ferocious and calculating murderer who is often scary, but who acts under Harry’s code (in which he can only kill people who are guilty of a crime). Without a doubt, one of the densest characters on the list.

Hannibal Lecter – Hannibal

Mads Mikkelsen has had incredible characters throughout his career, but none like himself Hannibal Lecter. in the series Hannibal We know the past of this doctor, who together with the crime analyst, Will Graham, forms a team to help the FBI in the hunt for serial killers. However, as time passes, this psychiatrist loses his mind until he becomes what he was chasing.

And boy, has he given us moments of true terror, where he has proven to be a scary killer, well He is a sociopath, cynical and manipulative who, in addition to killing with clear ease, has a peculiar taste for cannibalism and cooks his victims as if they were dishes from a renowned restaurant. With him you have to be very careful.

Red John- The Mentalist

Here we have another series that we did not miss for the world, The Mentalist. Patrick Jane is the nemesis of red john –performed by Xander Berkeleywho on the outside is the chief of the Texas police, Thomas McAllister, but in reality is a famous serial killer who, after the protagonist of this story made fun of him on television, decides to kill his wife and daughter.

Throughout the different seasons we get to know this hitman, an intelligent and methodical guy he even creates a secret society of corrupt policemen, federal agents, and politicians to carry out his crimes. However, the most important and macabre thing about this character is the mark in the form of a smiley face that he draws with the blood of his victims.

Barry Beckman- Barry

Last but not least, we leave what we consider to be one of the most interesting hitmen in television history: barry beckman. This great character played by Bill Hader is a member of the United States special forces who, after being part of this organization he becomes a serial killer who is armed and quite effective.

But things change for him when he is hired to carry out a job in Los Angeles, since there he meets a group of aspiring actors and thanks to them discovers that he wants to leave behind his criminal career to start a new life as an actor. And really, if you haven’t seen that series, we totally recommend it because it has drama, black humor and a touch of action and tension that will blow your mind.