9 Lesser-Known Comic Book Heroes Who Are Getting Movies Coming Soon


Comic book lovers celebrate, as it has been announced that some movies starring not-so-popular superheroes are in development.

superhero movies have become very popular in recent years. This has become the perfect opportunity to bring many of the most interesting characters from comics to the big screen or streaming industry.

However, when it comes to superheroes, many people they only think about the most popularleaving aside others that, despite not being as well known, are just as or even more interesting.

Fortunately, this is the best time for superheroes, as the development of movies and series starring these characters that are not so well known. Next, we will tell you what these are and what is known so far.

Find out which are the 9 little-known superheroes who will have their movie coming soon

As we mentioned before, when it comes to superheroes, most people who they are not part of the comics reading community They usually think of characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, among others. However, this universe is incredibly vast.

Fortunately, the decision has been made to bring to the cinema the stories of some not so well-known charactersas was the case with Shazam! in the DCEU Y Guardians of the Galaxy in the MCU. These deliveries were successful, so future films of other characters are already being worked on.


Hourman is a superhero who can get powers, but the effect lasts for an hour

To begin with, we must mention one of the founding members of the DC Justice League. Rex Tyler, better known as Hourmanis a man who managed to invent a kind of drug that grants him all kinds of superpowersbut with a duration of only one hour after consuming it.

Later, his son, Rick Tyler, is the one who assumes the role of Hourman. It should be noted that this character has made cameos in TV series such as DC Legends of Tomorrow and DC Stargirl. However, everything seems to indicate that soon he will star in his own movie. Many details are still unknown, but this film is in production by DC Films and Warner Bros..

madam web

Madame Web, the mutant with psychic powers, will also have her movie coming soon

Madame Web, the mutant with psychic powers, will also have her movie coming soon

It is time to talk about Madame Web, which She is a psychic type mutant.. The powers of this woman consist of telepathy, the possibility of astral travel and clairvoyance. Usually in the comics, she is usually depicted as an elderly woman who is not capable of fighting evil, but instead plays a guiding roleusually for other heroes.

However, for the luck of the lovers of this Marvel character, the company sony pictures is working on a film adaptation of Madame Web. Also, her age will be changed for the film, making her younger so we can see all that he is capable of.

It is also known that the actress dakota johnson will be in charge of playing Madame Web in this new film. Furthermore, it was revealed that sydney sweeneyactress known mainly for her role in the series euphoriawill be part of the cast, although his character is unknown.


Jackpot is a Marvel heroine who has had some appearances in the Spider-Man comics and who will have her movie

Jackpot is a Marvel heroine who has had some appearances in the Spider-Man comics and who will have her movie

This Marvel heroine has made a few appearances in the Spider-Man comics. It’s known that Two women have come to use this costume and namebeing Sara Ehret the first.

During her pregnancy, Sara was exposed to a virus, which gave him superhuman strength. It’s also interesting to know that, for a time, Peter Parker thought that this heroine was actually Mary Jane.

Still not much information about this movie has been revealedonly that it is in the development phase for sony pictures and the writer will be Mark Guggenheim.


Spider-Woman is a heroine with the powers of Spider-Man