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what does to batman of Matt Reeves so unique? It is a question that several critics and a good part of the fans have asked themselves since its premiere. Especially because of the way the film managed to successfully mix cinematographic genres and languages. More than a superhero movie (which it is), Batman is a reinvention of the heroic in new layers. So much so that its main references are not the world of action, but new film regions.

Of course, batman it’s also an elegant look at a new kind of language about heroes and their universes. One that allows their stories to create a new dialogue about their motivations, hopes and sense of good. The new superhero movies are more interested in exploring the idea of ​​the moral from the atypical. Something Reeves’ film does with a sophisticated sense of inner darkness. The Batman played by Robert Pattinson is more than just a man in search of justice. It’s also a weird take on finding a new intellectual niche that brings the character to a new level of complexity.

Maybe that’s why, references surrounding Batman be much more powerful and strange than those that usually surround superhero movies. Especially, because they also delve into evil and goodness from disparate points of view that are surprising for their eloquence and depth. We leave you five recommendations that you should see if you liked the plot of Batman, the development of his characters and his allegory on split morality.

Seven on HBO Max

A cruel, ruthless and brilliant assassin. A couple of police officers trying to catch him before he can kill again. Surely you noticed it right away and you’re right. Matt Reeves based the relationship between Batman (Pattinson) and Lieutenant Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) on the already iconic plot of Seven by David Fincher. In fact, the director recognized him on several occasions during the film’s promotional campaign. Much of the film’s tension, aesthetic, and take on evil come from Fincher’s take on the underworld.

SevenFurthermore, it has the curious honor of having established its own dynamic in the conception of the investigation around sophisticated criminals. batman shows how Enigma turns Gotham into a gloomy board of pieces. and that perception inherits it directly from Seven and all its complex interconnection between fear and violence.

Mindhunter on Netflix

The search and hunt for serial killers is one of the great contemporary obsessions. And David Fincher managed to bring the conception about the structure behind such an investigation, in his acclaimed series mindhunter. The plot explores the early days of Quantico’s behavioral sciences unit, the first to analyze serial killers.

In fact, both seasons of the program are a review of the way in which murder is understood as a psychological fact. But it is also a reinvention of how the psychological investigation method can allow us to understand the great criminals. batman by Matt Reeves takes that idea and reinvents it for the classic idea of ​​the vigilante as a detective. And adds, the disturbing and dark certainty about the behavior of the man. It is interesting that the film plays with the same codes that Fincher conceived to narrate the passage of time, the gaze of the investigator and fear. An interesting addition converts to batman in a peculiar version of the criminal world much more adult and dense than other versions of the character.

Zodiac on HBO Max

Between 1966 and 1978, the so-called Zodiac killer killed more than thirty people in a crime spree of inconceivable cruelty. Enough to terrorize North America and become a large-scale mystery that still remains unsolved. David Fincher took the entire story — including the investigation of a journalist and a crime illustrator — to create the most dense and unique film of his. Zodiac is a tour of the dark places of unsolved crimes. But also about the personality of one of the most disturbing, violent and sophisticated serial killers in American history.

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Actor Paul Dano told on several occasions that he had taken some ideas for his Enigma of the serial killer Zodiac. Also that he had analyzed the criminal behavior of his character through Fincher’s film. If you want to speculate where the villain version of batman, Zodiac it won’t just show it to you. It will also make a terrifying foray through sinister ideas about human nature and violence.

The John Wayne Gacy Tapes on Netflix

The documentary, which shows the conversations of one of the worst serial killers in history with his legal advisers, is a terrifying look into human darkness. At the same time, he delves into a case that still surprises a good part of the world’s police investigators. John Wayne Gacy murdered more than 30 people over two decades. And he spent a good amount of time creating the image of a blameless man that hid the most depraved side of him.

The Netflix feature film tries to understand the psychology of the serial killer. But also, the relationship and link between fear, bewilderment and the conception of the vulnerability of the victims. If you want to better understand why Matt Reeves posed Riddler as a psychopathic killer, this strange and harsh plot will allow you to do so.

One of Ours, on HBO Max

For batman, the criminal world of Gotham is of considerable importance. So much so that a good part of the argument is developed and related to the most important mobsters in the mythology of the bat man. Much more when the film pays a more than evident tribute to Batman: Year One by Frank Miller, which expands and delves into the underworld of Gotham.

And in fact, much of the film seems to be related to One of ours by Martin Scorsese. Or at least in the way that Matt Reeves poses the power of the mafia world and its stratifications. At once, the journey of each of the characters, through the multiple connections between power and the criminal world. A disturbing, provocative and profound version that the film inherits directly from the story of Martin Scorsese.