AEW Rampage Results April 22, 2022

Welcome to the 38th episode of AEW Rampage, aired on TNT. In this week’s show, the main attraction will be the confrontation between Tomohiro Ishi Y Adam Cole for a place in the Owen Hart Tournament. In addition, Jade Cargill will defend the TBS Championship against Marina Shafir.

Owen Hart Tournament Qualifying Match: Adam Cole vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Ishii knocks Cole down at the start of the match. Cole goes out to ringside to recover and when he enters the ring he surprises his opponent with some kicks. Tomohiro knocks him down and they both go to the outskirts of the ring where they exchange blows. Cole takes the advantage and makes his rival enter the ring, locks him in a padlock. Adam Cole knocks Ishii down with a Neckbreaker, Ishii tries to counter with some headers. Cole corners his rival and hits him but Ishii doesn’t seem to be affected by Cole’s punches. IShii knocks down his rival and covers him but is unsuccessful. Ishii tries to apply a Powerbomb but it is blocked and Cole takes charge of the fight. Adam applies a Backberaker to Ishii and the count almost reaches three. Cole gets on the corner but the Japanese fighter blocks him, applies a Superplex. Ishii knocks Cole down repeatedly, Cole counters and knocks him down as well. Ishii applies an Enzuigiri to Cole and they both lie down. Cole kicks him but Ishii blocks him and knocks him down with a Clothesline. Jay White enters the scene to attack Ishii’s companion, Rocky Romero. The Japanese fighter is distracted and Cole hits him with a low blow, Adam Cole takes the victory after applying his knee to the opponent’s neck. WINNER: Adam Cole.

Backstage, Lexy Nair meets Hook. Danhausen is shredding a bag of potato chips. Hook walks over and reminds her that she now has her attention.

Lance Archer vs. Serpentico

Serpentico lunges at his opponent as he makes his entrance but Archer blocks him. Lance applies a Suplex that sends his rival to the other side of the ring. Archer attacks his rival in the corner and applies a Blackout to take the victory. WINNER: Lance Archer.

After the match, Lance Archer continues to attack Serpentico in the ring.

Daniel Garcia vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston begins by quickly attacking his rival in the corner. Garcia goes to ringside to recover but Kingston follows him and continues with the punishment. They both enter the ring and Garcia surprises Kingston by knocking him down. Garcia takes the reins of the fight and punishes the arm of his rival. Kingston rejoins, both fighters exchange blows. Daniel Garcia corners his rival and hits Kingston. Eddie recovers and fights back with a few punches, the action moves to ringside. Garcia manages to dominate his rival and hits him on the edge of the ring, takes him to the center of the ring to apply a senton. Garcia takes over the match and kicks and knees Eddie. Eddie recovers and exchanges machetes with his rival. Garcia knees him but Kingston blocks him with a knee. Garcia punishes the abdominal area of ​​his rival and knocks him down with a Suplex. Garcia stomps Kingston in the corner, tries to attack him in the corner but Eddie knocks him down. Garcia recovers and applies a Boston Crab to his rival, Kingston reaches the ropes and Garcia takes time to release his rival. Garcia goes for a Sharpstoper but Kingsiton avoids it with some eye pokes and knocks him down with an Exploder Suplex. Kingston recovers and takes the victory. WINNER: Eddie Kingston.

After the fight, Eddie Kingston takes a microphone, says that what he did to Garcia is a message for his boss Chris Jericho.

TBS Championship: Jade Cargill (c) vs. Marina Shafir

Both fighters exchange blows at the beginning of the fight. Jade blocks all attacks and repeatedly knocks down her opponent. The champion sends her rival to the outskirts of the ring with a Clothesline, Mark Sterling distracts the referee and Cargill’s companions take the opportunity to attack Marina. Both enter the ring, Marina recovers and applies a surrender key to her rival. Jade knocks her down. The champion makes a mockery of her rival exercising in the center of the ring, Marina tries to attack her but Cargill locks her in a key. Jade takes over the match, applies a pair of Suplexes to the challenger and a surrender key. Marina recovers and punishes the champion’s legs, she applies a key but Jade manages to reach the ropes. Marina punishes the champion’s leg against the post, Sterling tries to distract the challenger but Marina knocks him down. Jade surprises her rival with a Big Boot and punishes her with the edge of the ring. The champion sends her rival against a table at ringside. The action moves to the ring, Marina surprises the champion with a key to Jade’s affected leg. The champion manages to get out of it and applies a Jaded to the challenger to take the victory. WINNER: Jade Cargill.

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