Exatlón now also launches its own collection of NFT’s

  • TV Azteca innovates in the digital world and launches the first television program in NFT’s.

  • With the launch of Exatlón, the relevance of digital assets in Mexico grows.

  • More and more production industries are starting to jump on the metaverse trend.

Adding to the latest technological and consumer trend, the Mexican television station TV Azteca has announced the inclusion of the first television program in the metaverse, with the creation of a line of NFT’s of Exatlón.

And it is that non-fungible tokens began to take over all industries around the world, also directing television and film productions to the virtual world, as is the case with the animated series “Stoner Cats” which raised $8.4 million at the end of July in a sale of its NFT line, which gave their owners the exclusive right to watch certain episodes… unsurprisingly, they sold out in just 35 minutes.

But this is only the beginning, as industry players are already talking about a growing number of production studios that are beginning to study this trend, such as Enderby Entertainment, associated with CurrencyWorks, which in June sought to form FLYthe first NFT feature film viewing and distribution platform.

The NFT’s market has grown so much that, according to data from tradingplatforms.com, global sales of digital assets have already exceeded 4 billion dollars.

“2021 has been the breakout year for NFTs. Its sales growth is due to two main factors. First, people increasingly understand their value in the provenance of the property. Second, celebrities and artists like Kevin O’Leary and Snoop Dogg are embracing NFTs, dragging their followers into the space with them,” expert Edith Reads of the electronic trading platform said in March.

The first Mexican TV show on NFT’s

Being one of the main reality shows on TV Azteca, Exatlón takes the first step into virtuality with a collection of NFT’s that will be available to its best audience.

According to the digital area of ​​the Mexican television station, non-fungible tokens are already available starting today to offer a new experience to fans of the program, which is expected to set a trend in the Radio and Television industry and adapt to new viewers.

“The collection of NFTs is an opportunity to have a digital certificate of your favorite team before anyone else, whether it is the red team or the blue team”, TV Azteca Digital exposed in a statement.

These unique and collectible pieces may increase in value over time, as expected by the production of Exatlón.

Exatlón’s followers will have the opportunity to obtain one of the 120 NFT’s released by answering some questions in the ‘TV Azteca En Vivo’ app and demonstrating their knowledge of the program. The editions are limited in these digital souvenirs and include from the shirt of your favorite participant and the coveted medal, to the portentous champion trophy.

“For TV Azteca it is essential to make tomorrow a reality now. Our philosophy is to spearhead all aspects of digital culture and this is not just one more step, but a consolidation of years of work. The public deserves to be in the trends that are handled worldwide and we will always make them live that experience”, says Emilio Aliaga, VP of TV Azteca Digital.

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