History of Ethereum comes to the cinema with the production company of Alien and Gladiator

Key facts:
  • This would be the first cryptocurrency adaptation to hit the big screen.

  • Camila Russo, writer of the book “The Infinite Machine”, is on the production team.

Ethereum will have its own movie. The producer of the acclaimed director of works such as “Alien”, “Gladiator” Y “The fall of the Black Hawk”, Ridley Scott, joined the project to bring the story behind this cryptocurrency to the big screen.

The film will be an adaptation of the book “The Infinite Machine”, written by the journalist Camila Russo, who will also be part of the production team. Russo herself confirmed the arrival of the production company Scott Free Productions through her TwitterThis Thursday, April 21.

The film will follow the life Vitalik Buterin, co-creator of Ethereum, and will show how at a young age he managed to unite a group of engineers and investors to create a “computer on the internet”. The film will be directed by Shyam Madiraju, according to The Defiant portal.


If the project were to materialize, it would become the first major non-documentary film adaptation within the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The cast is yet to be defined, since at the time of writing it is still unknown who will be in charge of interpreting Vitalik Buterin.

Charles Hoskinson, a member of the original group that created Ethereum and founder of Cardano, has asked who will play his role. It should be remembered that Hoskinson was separated from the Ethereum project by Buterin himself in 2014, after a dispute of interests.

charles hoskinson questions about his appearance in the next ethereum movie
Just a year after Ethereum launched, Hoskinson was removed from the original project, leading him to found Cardano. Source: @IOHK_Charles / twitter.com

To celebrate the announcement of the production of this new film, Russo He launched a collection of NFTs under the name of The Infinite Machine Movie Collection, made up of more than 10,499 unique pieces, already available for sale on the OpenSea platform.

About the production company Scott Free Productions, this was founded in 1980 by brothers Tony and Ridley Scott. Among its catalog are Oscar-winning films such as “blade runner 2049”, “Gladiator”, “Alien”, “The fall of the Black Hawk”, and a list of more than 90 feature films.

cryptocurrency documentaries

Yes ok “the infinite machine” would be the first film about cryptocurrencies to reach the big screen, documentaries about Bitcoin and the entire ecosystem have been around streaming services for some time. Netflix recently presented an original production in which shows QuadrigaCX exchange history and how it turned out to be a scam.


In addition to this documentary, Netflix also dedicated an episode of its series “In a Nutshell: Money” in telling the story behind Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the Ponzi schemes related to these tools.

The documentary follows the alleged death of Gerald Cotten, creator of QuadrigaCX, and how he ended up scamming more than USD 250 million. Source: Netflix.

Also, there are documentaries available on platforms such as YouTube, including “Banking on Bitcoin”, which show the history of the mother cryptocurrency.