Keanu Reeves confesses that he was tricked by a friend to star in one of the films he hated the most

in the 1990s Keanu Reeves starred in three moviesBreaking point1991; Maximum speed1994, and Matrix1999) that catapulted him to stardom in Hollywood, for which contracts rained down on him to be the main actor in dozens of films. However, the young performer’s confidence was violated when one of his friends tricked him into starring in one of the film projects that he hated the most.

Just one year after he became “Neo” for Matrix, Keanu was forced to star the observer (The Watcher) in 2000. A film that had a budget of $33 millionbut only ended up raising more than $47 millionwhich was called a commercial disaster, after critics trashed the story and the cast’s performances.

Although the film had actors who already had careers, such as James Spader, Marisa Tomei, Ernie Hudson Y Chris Ellis, Reeves commented a few weeks ago during an interview that he never found the meaning of the script, so it wasn’t interesting for him, but he had no choice but to do the job, because one of his now ex-friends had forged his signature on an agreement, and if he did not comply they would sue him.

“I never found the script interesting, but a friend forged my signature on the agreement. I couldn’t prove he did it and I didn’t want to be sued, so I had no choice but to make the movie,” he said.

On the promotional poster, Keanu Reeves’ name was inconspicuously placed. Photo: Archive

How was Keanu Reeves cheated?

According to the interview he gave to various media, Reeves explained that long before he did Matrixmet his friend Joe Charbanic to play hockey, who asked him if he would like to participate in a movie he was working on, assuring him that it would only be a small participation, to which the actor responded positively.

When Charbanic confirmed to Universal Studios that had Keanu for his film, they increased the budget for him to make it. Faced with this situation, he was forced to change the role of Reeves and instead of it being just a participation, he made him the protagonist, but without the actor knowing it.

To make sure everything was legit, Reeves reported that Joe Charbanic would have falsified the actor’s signature on the contract, in which he also only accepted union-level pay, while his co-workers james spader Y Marisa Tomei would get one million dollars for your participation.

When Keanu knew everything, tried to talk to the executives of Universal Studiosbut unable to prove that his signature had been forged, the legal team offered him that he would not participate in the marketing campaign and that he would only be able to discuss the matter 12 months after the film’s release.

At the end, Keanu Reeves he could do nothing but fulfill the contract, although a few weeks ago he stated that he hated making the film, because not only was he forced to work on something he didn’t want, he also found everything that happened in production absurd. And once the veto period was over, he talked about what happened and why he played the role, which until now is one of the most criticized in the career of the protagonist of Matrix.

Is The Watcher, starring Keanu Reeves, so bad?

Sometimes one of the main clues that a movie may be good or bad is to see its box office numbers, although this is not a guarantee that the story is the best. However, in this case, the figures did not lie, because The observer (The Watcher) was a complete failure and full of inconsistencies from start to finish.

on your own, Rotter Tomatoesa site specializing in cinema, rated the observer (The Watcher) with 11 percent, thus failing the film starring Keanu Reeves. Unfortunately, the actor also received a nomination for Reward Razzie What Worst Supporting Actor by his action.

Apparently no streaming platform is interested in having this title in its catalog, because when reviewing all the services that are in Mexicowas not found in any, although a user of Youtube uploaded the movie, in case you want to know why this production was so controversial and disastrous at the time.

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