Rob Schneider praised Eugenio Derbez: “A star in the whole world”

Rob Schneider assured that both Eugenio and Vadhir Derbez are among the best actors in the world

During his current stay in Mexico, Rob Schneider he went out of his way to flatter Vadhir Y Eugenio Derbezof whom he said to be sure that they are from the most talented actors on an international level.

American actor Rob Schneider is in Mexico to shoot his next movie, Love is lovewhich will be produced Y directed by him, while it was written by his wife, Patricia Mayaborn in New Lion.

In a short encounter with the microphone of windowingthe actor of Hollywood He dedicated a few words to Mexico City, because he said he liked it a lot, he even assured that Maya is chilanga.

Patricia currently produces movies with her husband (Photo: Instagram/ @iamrobschneider)
Patricia currently produces movies with her husband (Photo: Instagram/ @iamrobschneider)

“Yes in Mexico (I am working), fantastic. (…) I love everything very much, Mexico City is amazing, my wife is chilanga. Yes, from Monterrey, yes, yes. Patricia is chilanga, she is incredible, she wrote the script, ”she commented.

In the midst of his compliments for the Mexican capital, he referred to Eugenio Derbez and Vadhir -who will be the protagonist of Love is love– as major international players. In fact, he assured that the son of Silvana Prince will become one of the best histriones.

Eugenio is a genius, he is the most talented in the world, not only in Mexico, the whole world, but Vadhir, his son, is incredible, he is funny, funny, serious also in his acting, excellent. Look, I promise you, it’s a promise, Vadhir Derbez is going to go for more, he is a star all over the worldYes absolutely”

Vadhir will be the protagonist of Schneider's next film (Photo: Instagram/@vadhird)
Vadhir will be the protagonist of Schneider’s next film (Photo: Instagram/@vadhird)

On the other hand, he gave his opinion about the controversy that occurred during the delivery of the oscars 2022when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock. As shared by the protagonist of Animalthe behavior of Jada Pinkett’s husband is due to a mental problem.

It’s a big mental problem, mental problem, that is not normal. Chris Rock is my friend and he is sad about everything”

Love is loveoriginal film of Paramount+, starring Vadhir Derbezis a romantic comedy set in the 90s. It will tell the story of Enriquewho is a soap opera actor and is about to sign a contract with a television station, when the president of the company, Julian (played by Rob Schneider), find photos of the actor and his partnerMarcellus.

Throughout his film career, Vadhir has participated in two American films (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Throughout his film career, Vadhir has participated in two American films (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

When in December 2021 it was confirmed that Rob would be the one to direct and produce the film in Mexico, he assured that this country it is your second homeso I couldn’t be happier to work here.

The film is expected to be released this year through the platform of streaming.

Vadhir made his American film debut with the film How to be a Latin Loverand one of his last greatest achievements was to have starred Exorcism on the seventh dayfrom Hollywood.

As the actor has commented, having reached the US screens has not been easy, since on many occasions he has been criticized for obtaining important characters thanks to his last name.

For his part, Eugenio Derbez is currently dedicated to American cinema from the business side with his production company, 3Pas Studiosbut also as an actor.

One of his greatest and last achievements to have been part of CODA, a film that was acclaimed in the different awards of the film industry worldwide. Only on the premises oscars 2022 won awards for Best film, Best Adapted Screenplay Y Best Supporting Actor.


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