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Now that the Easter holidays are over – whoever was lucky enough to have them, of course – it’s time to return to our usual schedule, which means that if it’s Friday, then there’s a new batch of movie premieres that take us to the retinas. And be careful, because, among other things, this Friday, April 22, we receive one of the best films that we are going to be able to enjoy throughout this 2022.

The premieres of April 22, 2022

‘The Northman’ (‘The Northman’, 2022)

  • It is the new film by Robert Eggers, one of the most exciting filmmakers on the current scene and responsible for those gems called ‘The Lighthouse’ and ‘The Witch’, so we already know that this is a very special film.

  • She is photographed by Jarin Blaschke, Eggers’ head DOP, who has done an outstanding job shooting in 35mm and using Petzval lenses in some truly captivating shots. Nice bomb.

  • ‘The Northman’ is documented by archaeologist Neil Price and literary scholar Johanna Katrin Fridriksdottir, experts on the Viking world and Norse mythology.

  • The film is set in the year 914 during what is known as “landnámsöld”, a time when the first settlements appeared in Iceland.

  • The feature film is described by its director as a cross between Tarkovsky’s ‘Andrei Rublev’ and ‘Conan’. Almost nothing.

  • It marks Björk’s first appearance in a feature film since 2005, when she participated in ‘Drawing Restraint 9’.

  • ‘The Northman’ reunites Robert Eggers with Willem Dafoe after ‘The Lighthouse’ and with Anya Taylor-Joy after ‘The Witch’.

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‘Venicephrenia’ (2021)

  • The film marks the new collaboration between director Álex de la Iglesia and screenwriter Jorge Guerricaechevarría, friends and co-writers for a long time.

  • The filming took place in the city of Venice and coincided with the last installment of ‘Mission Impossible’. Some members of the team have acknowledged that they took advantage of the lighting of the Hollywood blockbuster in some scenes.

  • ‘Veneciafrenia’ reunites De la Iglesia with Cosimo Fusco after the Italian played the terrifying Angelo in HBO’s recommendable ’30 Coins’.

  • The film could be interpreted as a love letter from De la Iglesia al giallo.

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‘Dog. A wild ride’ (‘Dog’, 2022)

  • ‘Dog’ is the directorial debut of actor Channing Tatum, who shares the authorship with fellow newcomer Reid Carolin, producer of ‘Magic Mike’.

  • The German shepherd who stars in the film with Tatum is called Britta and appears in 80% of the film’s footage.

  • The film is dedicated to the memory of Lulu, Tatum’s dog, and seeks to celebrate their last road trip together before her passing.


‘Arthur Rambo’ (2021)

‘At its point’ (‘Tendre et saignant’, 2021)

‘Tokyo Avengers’ (2021)

‘Notre-Dame Burns’ (‘Notre-Dame Brûle’, 2021)

‘A small plan… how to save the planet’ (‘La cruisade’, 2021)

’75 days’ (2021)

‘On the edge’ (‘Na ostrie’, 2020)

‘To the women of Spain. Maria Lejarraga’ (2022)

‘Kaporito: The Guardian of the Mountain’ (2021)

‘Woman of the Photographs’ (‘Shashin no onna’, 2020)

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