The corridor that leads to a clandestine cinema in the center of León

Lion-. A dark corridor with dirty stairs are the entry a Cinema Leona place where they are exhibited films pornographic by 40 pesos. The clandestine rooms are on the street Comfort, In the city center. There where “everything happens” and three functions are repeated throughout the day, they are the attraction for mens Y women of all ages. Do you know him?

The posters of erotic scenes and women exuberant are the way to a forbidden adventure.

Cinema goes unnoticed from anywhere on the street Comfortare located a few meters from the Comfort Market, next to a large importer and a red house. The white canvas placed on the top is worn, barely and you can read “Cinema“, a space that takes more than 17 years open to the public without many realizing its existence.

While outside you can hear the hustle and bustle of the customers of the Comfort Market or the avenue Miguel Germanindoors Adults consume pornography without concern and in hiding.

The corridor seems to take you to a hidden bar, but it is actually a cinema for Adults. Going upstairs, the reception is dark and there is a guard who is in charge of security. Men of all ages walk in and out of the place, some even sweating and shaking, like a young approximately 28 years that when leaving the function he asked for his backpack and left saying “thank you”.

The entry to this cinema costs 40 pesos. Testimonies tell La Silla Rota that there are three films those that are projected throughout the day are repeated. There is not billboard. The time inside the rooms is indeterminate, the customers They can last all day or up to half an hour. It seems that in the cinema everyone knows each other, amateurs they greet each other and identify the receptionist.

From outside you can hear the screams of the women on stage, like any cinema.

The curious thing is that in the rooms the couples can be exchanged, including men or the woman can receive proposals from others customers under the risk of not accepting that your companion gives in and unleashing some conflict.

Both genders receive offers of all kinds, so an orgy (group sexual activity) would not be something new in this cinema. There are no rules there.

“In there, what you want and allow happens,” warn testimonies in Cinema Leon.

The mens who come to this place, because at that moment The Broken Chair detected only the presence of mensranging from 28 to 45 years. From men in formal dress to bikers or popular looking guys. To the cinema people from the LGBT community also enter, gayslesbians, transsexualsnot binary.

It was 7 pm and they kept coming in and out. customerstaking into account that it is the time when many people leave work.

In the entry to the room, a men about 40 years I was waiting for one young partner would enter the cinema for the first time. The fixed look of her finally caused the boyfriends to leave, afraid of experiencing an unpleasant act.

“They’re already keeping an eye on them,” says a woman to the partner would enter the cinemato refer to men that awaited them in the entry.

The Adults who enter there, according to witnesses, are responsible for what happens and to what level. In case the situation escalates, there is a security guard outside, who can be reached for help.

In the reception Do you sell snacks, sweets and soft drinks. There is also a bookcase where customers they can leave their belongings or backpacks, at the exit they are delivered.

A Cinema Minors cannot enter mens who commonly attend are Adults. In the entry there are also sex workers looking for customers.

The place is a few kilometers from the cinema for Adults that closed a few years ago yearsbehind of Heroes’ Causewayin Martinique. That space was crowded by many years and operated legally, with lockers like any other cinematoday only old and abandoned walls remain.

It is unknown if this cinema has the permissions to operate, they have been on the street for almost two decades Comfort.