The film ‘Being Mortal’ suspends its filming due to the “inappropriate behavior” of actor Bill Murray | Culture

The production company Searchlight Pictures has suspended the shooting of the film Being Deadlydirected by Aziz Ansari, after receiving a complaint about the “inappropriate behavior” of actor Bill Murray on the set, as confirmed by a member of the production to The New York Times. On Wednesday, the company sent a letter to the cast and crew of the feature film, announcing the break in filming without going into more detail. “Towards the end of last week we were informed of a complaint, and we immediately looked into it. After reviewing the circumstances, it has been decided that production cannot continue at this time, ”said the letter, which was accessed by the same newspaper..

Magazine Variety He adds that the exact accusation against Murray is still unknown and that it is not clear if the actor will continue to be part of the project or will eventually be replaced. The episode about which the complaint relates occurred on Friday of last week, and led to the suspension of filming that same day. The incident was investigated between Monday and Wednesday, until it was concluded that production had to be stopped, according to the reconstruction of The New York Times.

Searchlight Pictures has not offered, at the moment, more information about it. In the absence of it, several US media recall another episode that involved Murray in 2000: on the set of Charlie’s Angels, performer Lucy Liu confronted the actor after he insulted her because a sequence in the film had been rewritten without his knowledge. In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, the actress described some of the expressions that Murray then addressed to her as “inexcusable and unacceptable”.

Bill Murray, 71, is one of the best-known and most admired actors in US cinema. Famous for films such as Ghostbusters, Lost in Translation either Caught in time, as well as for his frequent work with directors such as Wes Anderson or Jim Jarmush, the newspaper recalls that the actor has also become over the years a kind of eccentric cultural icon: his face has ended up on t-shirts or tattoos, to the time that he himself has been the protagonist of unexpected appearances: from reading poetry to construction workers to sneaking into the photographic service that a couple who had just got engaged was doing. In the presentation of a documentary about curious anecdotes from the actor’s life, broadcast by TCM in 2019, the channel defined the interpreter as “a specialist in making small cameos in other people’s lives.”

Being Deadly is written, produced, directed and performed by Aziz Ansari. It is the project that aims to be his definitive return to Hollywood, after being publicly accused in 2018 of sexual misconduct by one of his dates. His own series Masters of None (Netflix), suffered a hiatus of several years and did not premiere its third season until 2021, with his partner Lena Waithe taking the lead of the creation process of the chapters in front of and behind the cameras.

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Ansari himself shares the leading role in Being Deadly with Seth Rogen and Murray himself. It is known that the film had reached more or less half of its shooting and its release, so far, is scheduled for 2023.