The Mascabrothers regretted stealing Silvia Pinal; They said they don’t make a lot of money

The Mascabrothers talked about the robbery of Silvia Pinal (Photos: Televisa/File)

Several have been the celebrities who have joined to support Silvia Pinal, after her house in Jardines del Pedregal has been robbed. And this time German and Freddy Ortegabetter known as The Mascabrothers They also came out in defense of the first actress.

It was during a meeting with the media, where the famous comedians exploded against the insecurity that exists in the country and hoped that, in all, the Pinal dynasty It did not suffer any further damages derived from the incident.

“We are very sorry and hopefully everyone has come out unharmed,” commented Freddy Ortega, while his blood relative added emphatically:

“What a little m * dre what they are doing. It is not worth it because it costs us a lot, it costs us sacrificeleave the family so they can come into your house,” he said.

In this sense, Germán sent a forceful message for those people who are dedicated to committing crimes and raiding properties.

The member of ''Los mascabrothers'' confessed that he was tempted to steal a jacket
The member of ”Los mascabrothers” confessed that he was tempted to steal a jacket

They have already entered my house and the truth is that God bless them because they are going to need it because they remember that they have a family,” he said.

Regarding the occasion in which he was a victim, Germán pointed out that on that occasion the theft did not take place, so it could not be classified as an assault.

“I can’t say I was robbed but They came into my house and they will never go back in because they would not come out, so I tell you. It’s been a long time (what happened) if you sleep with fearyou hear a noise and they steal your tranquility, your peace”he added, to later warn that if someone entered his house again “He’s not going out anymore.”

To this, Freddy regretted that the population had to take such drastic measures at times in order to feel safe.

The brothers have earned the affection of the public (Photo: Instagram/@tenorio_comico)
The brothers have earned the affection of the public (Photo: Instagram/@tenorio_comico)

At the end you have to make almost almost a fortress of your house and you do what is necessary and I also believe that God takes great care of us,” he added.

In addition to the above, the brothers mentioned that, contrary to popular belief, artists who collaborate in the middle of the show do not earn large amounts of money.

“These gentlemen who are dedicated to that are very wrong, because if they think that everyone has made a lot of money, it is not true, Freddy said.

While Germán added: if we had a lot of money we wouldn’t be workingwe would be traveling, we we live day to day”.

"Tomato and Parsley" It is one of his most popular sketches (Photo: Televisa)
“La Jitomata y La Perejila” is one of his most popular sketches (Photo: Televisa)

It should be remembered that in February 2022, Germán Ortega revealed a embarrassing anecdote for him, as he admitted having been tempted to steal a jacket in a store in the United States.

The story was told on the show At night conducted by Yordi Rosado and the member brother of The Mascabrothers He could not contain himself and narrated how everything happened.

Although he did not specify when, he did reveal that he was traveling with the producer Alejandro Gou, when he saw a garment that caught his attention:

“We were in a mall and I bought a ching * of things, and I saw a Mickey Mouse anniversary leather jacket with patches, like Vaseline and I said ‘I’m going to fuck her’. Pure adrenaline, it came from my soul, the neighborhood came out, Los Palomares came out. But I left my things inside, because I had the sensor, “explained the actor, referring to the neighborhood in Puebla where he grew up.

However, the actor realized that the sensor did not sound and took it, but when he felt remorse he returned to the store and decided to pay for the garment.


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