The movie on HBO Max that is traumatizing its users; is one of the MOST disturbing in history | Trailer

We have reached a weekend again and derived from the festive dates of Easter, people have made increasingly extensive searches within the various catalogs streaming, this with the aim of finding the best content for to enjoy.

Whether in the company of a friend, family member, partner or even alone, the truth is that for Mexicans, consuming content through platforms of series and movies consolidated more frequently as one of the favorite activities.

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And it is precisely under this scenario that it is worth noting that the supply in the market of the streaming is wide, especially since people were forced to stay for long periods of time in their homes due to the pandemic.

What you find on HBO Max

It is within this context that we know that various platforms have emerged more frequently that promise their users quality content, entertaining, for the whole family and also the most new From the market.

Although in Mexico one of the platforms The most used in recent years is Netflix, the truth is that there are platforms that have come to set trends, and one of them is HBO Max.

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Since its arrival in the streaming market, HBO Max has established itself as a strong competitor for other platforms that already monopolized this market, mainly because it put in its catalog diverse iconic series that are considered classics, such is the case of friends, Sex and the CityThe Office, among other.

However, also hbo max made sure to make it clear to its users that in addition to having classic content, its streaming platform can also host the productions newest and trendiest, such is the case of the renewed series gossip-girl or its international success euphoria.

And it is precisely derived from the fanaticism that has already been created in HBO Max in its almost three years in the market, that now users on social networks have required more and more recommendations from this platform.

That is why we present below the recommendation of a film that is sheltered on HBO Max and that promises its users to fill them with emotionsespecially since it is a horror production.

The most disturbing movie on HBO Max

It is about the tape “Hereditary”, or by its title in Spanish “The Devil’s Legacy”, which has generated nightmares with a gloomy girl in an orange sweatshirt.

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According to the Broadband Choices page, which releases its “Science of Scare” list every year, this is one of the scariest movies of the history.

In short, this production currently housed in hbo max is considered one of the most disturbing because it represents a study on mental illnesses fused with cults diabolical.

very much in the style of witch either It Followsthe suspense is highly psychological in this film, which shows us the strange things that begin to happen in the Graham house after the death of the grandmother and matriarch.

It is derived from this family loss that Annie Graham, a married gallery owner with two sonsbegins to show his repressions because he did not have a childhood happy and now he believes that the death of his mother can turn the page.

However, his idea is far from reality, because everything gets complicated when his youngest daughter begins to see ghostly figures, which also begin to torment her. brother.



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