They were not only fake jewelry: they confirmed the theft of luxurious pairs of glasses at Silvia Pinal’s house

Presumably the detainees have already been released (Photo: Ig silvia.pinal.h)

The controversy continues around Silvia Pinal, as it became known that the objects taken from the actress’s house were not only false pieces, but other valuable accessories were reported to the corresponding authorities.

According to the documents presented by the program windowing, María Efigenia Ramos, the artist’s assistant, presented last Monday, April 18, the formal complaint for theft before the Territorial Investigation Prosecutor’s Office in Álvaro Obregón.

And contrary to what was initially thought, the assault did not only consist of costume jewelry, as the drivers of the evening paper delved into the fact that the theft of several glasses from recognized brands was also reported, such as: Dolce & Gabbana with value to approximately six thousand pesos, some Louis Vuitton with value of 12 thousand pesos Y others from a recognized firm with an estimated price of 9 thousand pesos.

The complaint filed with the Prosecutor's Office was shown (Photo: Screenshot / Windowing)
The complaint filed with the Prosecutor’s Office was shown (Photo: Screenshot / Windowing)

Likewise, the hosts of the entertainment program assured that the two people arrested for their alleged participation in the robbery had already been released.

“I didn’t understand, why they’ve already released… well, do you remember this robbery of Mrs. Silvia Pinal’s house, they arrested two people and suddenly there was a statement that they had already arrested him and now they are free”, said Mónica Castañeda before the cameras.

To which Pati Chapoy responded quickly: “The nurse is still under investigation.” and Ricardo Manjarrez delved into the fact that this measure would be for “to know if the medicines that she applied to Doña Silvia were the ones that she really needed”.

It should be remembered that it was the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City (FGJ-CDMX) who announced in recent days that the investigation into the robbery of the house of the first Mexican actress was already underway.

In her house, Silvia Pinal also protects the famous painting that Diego Rivera painted for her (IG: silvia.pinal.h)
In her house, Silvia Pinal also protects the famous painting that Diego Rivera painted for her (IG: silvia.pinal.h)

According to the authorities, arrested a man and a woman and they were placed immediately at the disposal of the Public Ministry.

Likewise, the agency pointed out that the crime for which the investigation would turn would be that of theft due to a work relationship, after the theft of jewelry was allegedly made on April 16 inside a home located in the Jardines del Pedregal neighborhood. .

So as it showed windowing, the FGJ-CDMX pointed out that it was Efigenia Ramos who carried out the legal process and requested support to arrest a 36-year-old woman and a 40-year-old man who were apparently surprised near the building.

Sylvia Pasquel, Pinal’s daughter, told the media how the events of the robbery unfolded and pointed to a nurse and a locksmith as the main suspects.

Glasses were also stolen from Silvia Pinal (Photo: Ig silvia.pinal.h)
Glasses were also stolen from Silvia Pinal (Photo: Ig silvia.pinal.h)

In this sense, Laura Zapata also recently pointed out in previous weeks she experienced a similar situation as that of the famous real life cases and highlighted thatShe had the same nurse as her Pineal dynasty.

Given these facts, Thalía’s sister said that Silvia Pinal’s daughter-in-law could be involved and the aforementioned, named Mayela Laguna, distanced herself from these statements during a broadcast of Come Joy.

I do have a cousin who has, I don’t know, a place where they have nurses. and they hire nurses (…) that’s why when my mother-in-law needed nurses, I recommended her to my cousin. I never met those nurses who entered my mother-in-law’s house,” Luis Enrique Guzmán’s wife remarked.


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