Tiktoker reviewed Juanpa Zurita’s controversial taqueria: “They lack flavor”

The influencer was supported by his followers after the undertaking, but other users were quick to criticize him (Photo: Twitter/@juanpazurita)

In mid-April, the youtuber and influencer, Juanpa Zurita, took advantage of his popularity to start a new business, which is a taquería to domicile of name The miraculous and the one that will only have exclusive presence by the application of delivery rappi in Mexico, Colombia and Peru.

Through his social networks, the young man, who has served as an actor and driver, explained that this project It was thought from his experience while traveling abroad, since he always misses tacos, so almost a year ago he began to devise his own restaurant chain.

After 359 days, we can finally announce ‘LA MILAGROSA’ When I leave Mexico, they are what I miss the most. The dream of bringing the taco to the world begins today with Peru and Colombia. Obviously also in Mexico. Soon more Order them exclusively at Rappi Taquiza”, wrote the young content creator on his account. Twitter.

TikToker downgraded Juanpa Zurita’s tacos

After a few hours already in the catalog of delivery rappiInternet users did not wait long to make their ad viral, but with hundreds of criticisms, among which the costs of the products that appeared on the menu were highlighted, in addition to questioning the taste of the tacos.

For this reason, in social networks a user identified as Gibran Palmero He took on the task of tasting the food, in the face of the unknown of several due to its flavor and its cost-quality ratio; So far the video clip, of just over a minute, has just over 70 thousand views.

And as many Internet users expected, the tacos generated doubts in the young tiktoker: “Totopos need a little flavor, they taste very oily. The guacamole needs its green chilito and if it had it I didn’t even realize it. The insipid ‘miracle’ taco, I didn’t love this hearty taco either and as a good chilango I left the pastor one at the end and I wasn’t surprised either” highlighted the user of tiktok.

The influencer has not spoken about it (Photo: Twitter)
The influencer has not spoken about it (Photo: Twitter)

The reason why the young user wanted to consume the new Juanpa Zurita product was because of the controversy that arose on social networks in relation to the high costs. And it is that in the menu that he shared on his social networks and which can also be consulted in the catalog of rappi, the prices of the tacos are around a cost of 45 pesos.

The truth is that the best price is absurd to me, let’s buy from those who always pass by our houses”; “Chi, we help more people who come out in their positions, in my opinion”; “Is there something lower than putting tacos in boxes?”, Were some comments recovered on Twitter.

So far, the content creator has not responded to all these comments against his new entrepreneurial project. This would be the third company that the also young entrepreneur tries to dry afloat, since on previous occasions, due to criticism and irregularities, it was forced to complete some of these earlier.

Users complained about the high prices (Photo: Instagram/@juanpazurita)
Users complained about the high prices (Photo: Instagram/@juanpazurita)

One of the most remembered occasions in which Juanpa Zurita became a trend was when he was accused of stealing the water of Mexican communities to privatize it for sale in your project Water People. It is also worth remembering the alleged scam he carried out after the earthquake of September 19, 2017 in Ocuilan, State of Mexicosince they accused him of having kept the money he collected to build houses for the victims.


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